Chand Jalne Laga 8th November 2023 Written Update

Chand Jalne Laga 8th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Chand Jalne Laga 8th November 2023 episode starts with Tara coming into the store room and getting nervous seeing darkness inside the room.

Suddenly, the wall of the ceiling starts cracking which leaves Tara nervous as she gets scared to get injured by the concrete falling on her.

Deva leaves the hallway and comes outside while Tara tries to open the door of the storeroom but finds it jammed which leaves her shivering from anxiety.

Tara tries to get away to a corner as the wall starts falling on the floor with heaps of concrete crashing down but she topples over and hits her head on the corner of a chair.

Feeling dizzy from the hit, Tara mumbles Deva's name unconsciously which makes Mr Malik stop in his tracks and turn around.

Deva feels Tara calling him in his heart and walks back to the store room while Tara imagines child Deva giving his hand to her for support.

Tara gets up somehow and tries to open the door when Mr Malik comes there and attempts to push the door open.

Mr Malik asks Tara not to panic and tells her to apply force at the same time so that they succeed in bolting the door open.

The door opens at the right time with Deva pulling Tara out of that room while the concrete crashes down where Tara was standing.

Deva and Tara get lost in each other's eyes as they stand with their bodies touching when Tara remembers that it was Mr Malik only who forced her to go inside that dangerous room for his work.

Tara starts venting at Mr Malik and blames him for her life getting into danger as he only cares about his work and she attempts to get into that room to get the file containing the papers.

As Mr Malik asks Tara to stop from entering the room, Tara makes it clear that she has a personal life which she owns and hd not sold to him yet.

Tara tells Mr Malik that she is his employee and not his servant which makes Deva feel bad somehow.

While leaving, Tara's dupatta gets stuck to a nail and she asks Mr Malik to let it go thinking that he has held onto her dupatta.

Deva untangles the dupatta from the nail without saying anything after which Tara bolts out of there and Deva comes to Badshah, telling him that he fid not do anything intentionally.

Meanwhile, Palash reprimands Ananya for dancing at the function and tells her that she is not some dancer but the future daughter-in-law of his family.

Tara changes her clothes in her room and suddenly feels a gaze coming from outside which turns out to be Palash but he acts like he is lost and cannot find his room.

As Tara asks him if there was someone there before him, Palash takes Mr Malik's name which leaves Tara shocked and angry.

Tara comes to the lakeside where Mr Malik sits alone and accuses him of peeping at her while she was changing her clothes.

Deva is left shocked hearing the accusation and tells Tara that he has not done anything like that.

At the same time, Ananya tells sorry to Palash for earlier and asks him to join her livestream but Palash gets enraged on seeing Ananya's exposed shoulders and shatters her phone.

Deva asks Tara to shut her mouth and hushes ger with his finger when fireflies come out from everywhere and enlighten their surroundings.

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