Chashni 10th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 10th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 10th March 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 10th March 2023 episode starts with Chandni and Raunak lost in the moment and looking into each other’s eyes.

Suddenly, they realize that the fire is on, they ask the people to keep their distance from the burning scene.

Police arrive with a few firefighters at the scene and instruct civilians to stay away but Chandni notices that situation is not under control as the fire brigade can not make it to traffic packed and crowded area.

Chandni hears a lady wailing that her child is left in the burning house but firefighters forcibly bring her outside.

Chandni is distressed by the pain of that crying mother and gets to know that her child is stuck deep inside the house and firefighters cannot reach her.

Police try to convince the crying mother that they will soon save the child, but after listening to all this, Chandni remembers her past where a few people were thrashing her father and blaming him for the death of their child.

Determined by how helpless she was in past, she decides she will save this child at any cost.

Before anyone can stop her she wraps a blanket over herself and enters the burning building.

She calls the name of the child ‘Param’ but can not find him but all of a sudden, she hears his voice.

In the house, Chandni with the help of a helmet pushes burning logs aside and makes her way toward Param, she wraps him in a blanket and rushes outside.

Everybody is thrilled to see Chandni with the child and they start clapping for her.

Policeman Tarun gets to know that Chandni is trying to crack the firefighter's exam and is not pleased to know this and says he will never let her get the job.

Raunak is impressed by Chandni's heroic act and praises her but she is unimpressed and calls it sarcasm as he was underestimating girl power.

Param’s mother appreciates her but Raj warns that though she has saved his son, his father will still be called a murderer.

Manav appears at the scene and tells Chandni should not have risked her life but she explains it as the need of the moment or the child would have died.

While Chandni reveals that she has given the fire station exam and finished the training too, Manav says that it will be a privilege to have her on the team and she will be the first female firefighter in Amritsar.

She looks into the sky and speaks to her father that she knows he was innocent and now he must be proud of her.

She wishes he was alive to witness all this, meanwhile, Roshni being humiliated in class curses her father for leaving them like that.

They are unaware of the fact that Sanjay is not dead but is in a mental asylum.

Sanjay remembers them and cryingly writes their name on the wall with blood and murmurs that Vikas is the culprit.

At the hospital, the doctor is seen talking to Bindu and Vandana, regarding the fee submission of Sanjay or he will be thrown out.

Meanwhile, Chandni reaches a shop and the shopkeeper curses her but Raunak interrupts him by showing the viral video of Chandni saving the child.

The shopkeeper points out he seems new in the city and will get to know her reality soon.

Raunak tells him to learn the way to talk to his customers.

Roshni is happy to see Chandni’s viral video when she receives a call from her boyfriend and feels guilty for hiding the truth from Chandni.

At the Police station, Manav recommends Chandni to the Police station but Tarun interrupts him by saying she is the daughter of Sanjay Chopda, the murderer.

Manav’s senior after knowing this rejects his proposal that he cannot jeopardize the department’s reputation.

Manav is unwavering and decides to think of some way to let Chandni get her dream job.

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