Chashni 11th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 11th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 11th March 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 11th March 2023 episode starts with the shopkeeper informing Chandni that Raunak’s wallet is left at the shop.

The shopkeeper questions Chandni if she can return it to him.

She denies it as she doesn’t know his whereabouts but he informs her that she can find him in the club right now.

In the club, Raunak befriends Roshni’s boyfriend who is also the owner of the club, and shares that he is there to open a showroom for modified cars.

Just when Chandni arrives at the club to return the wallet to Raunak and is about to leave, he grabs her hand pulling her close.

Raunak says the wallet was just an excuse and she was smitten by his charm so she came here to meet him.

Chandni asks him to stop imagining things but Raunak has already fallen for her and her mysterious persona.

At the same time, Roshni also enters the club but after seeing Chandni, she rushes back home.

Chandni also arrives home and Roshni greets her by saying that she made them proud but Chandni immediately guesses that she is hiding something and asks her.

Roshni tries to avoid her so Chandni hugs her to forget all that and makes Roshni promise that she will never hide anything from her.

Bindu (Dadi), and Vandana (Nani) also join in to promise and finally, Roshni hesitantly promises her.

Meanwhile, Chandni reaches Fire Station and Manav informs her that she has been appointed as a women officer there.

Tarun steps in to ask what is all that nonsense and Manav lectures him not to doubt the deserving candidate.

Chandni initially denies that she does not want a job as a favor but Manav insists and at last, she accepts the letter.

Tears of joy start rolling down her eyes after seeing her joining letter.

Manav congratulates her for becoming Amritsar’s first ‘Fire Woman’ and excitedly, she hugs him.

Holding the letter cheerfully, Chandni runs towards her home, recalling her childhood memories when Sanjay mentioned that Chandni will grow up to become a firefighter just like him.

She comes home and announces the news but feels the absence of her father.

She wishes if 15 years ago all that would not have happened, he would have been with them.

She rethinks the whole incident and goes into a flashback about when an officer reaches Sanjay’s home to inform him that 40 children died and Sanjay is considered responsible for it as he has signed the file approving the safety guidelines that the hotel followed.

A proceeding is held against Sanjay as his signature is present on the file approving the plan.

Still in the flashback, Sanjay agrees to go to the office when his colleague, Vikas is discussing on phone with the hotel’s owner Mr. Chawla, who forged Sanjay’s sign.

Mob gathers around the fire station demanding his arrest.

Sanjay clarifies it was Vikas who took money from the hotel owner to approve the plan without a fire exit.

Vikas does not accept his crime and traps Sanjay instead.

Afterward, Vikas arrives at Sanjay's home and asks for Sanjay’s whereabouts, and tells a small Chandni to bring water for him, while he stealthily places a bag full of money there.

Chandni calls him that he has left his bag but he ignores her and leaves.

Coming back to the present, Chandni dismisses her past thoughts and rushes towards the terrace to share the good news with her family.

The whole family except Vandana is thrilled to know about her appointment.

Roshni suggests that this good news calls for a celebration and she leaves to make arrangements for the party.

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