Chashni 11th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 11th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 11th May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 11th May 2023 episode starts with Raunaq punishing Gautam by making him do push-ups.

Gautam feels so helpless when Raunaq restarts his count by saying that Gautam has to do it while asking apology from Mata Rani.

Later, when Raunaq leaves there Gautam calls him an animal while gasping.

Ishika takes Roshni's name

Meanwhile, Ishika knocks at Sarjot's door fearfully and Sarjot calls her into the room and makes her sit.

Sarjot tells Ishika to give her a leg message and as soon as Ishika starts it, suddenly, Sarjot kicks her.

Ishika gets scared and stands far, but Sarjot angrily asks her how she dared to play the dirty game against Chandni.

However, Ishika tells Sarjot that it happened accidentally but Sarjot warns her and asks who told her to do that.

Ishika takes Roshni's name while trembling and Sarjot gets enraged.

Sarjot mutters that Roshni is controlling the servants of the house even being away from the house.

Raunaq leaves Roshni's side

In the meantime, Raunaq tries to call Roshni and throws the phone in anger when Roshni's phone comes not reachable.

Raunaq furiously mutters that he never thought Roshni will be that contemptible person while doing all this to get close to Sumer.

However, Raunaq gets angry with himself for helping Roshni and decides that from now, he is against Roshni.

Later, Raunaq enters the room and sees that Chandni is sleeping and Nisha is taking care of her.

Raunaq thanks Nisha and tells her that she can take a rest now, so Nisha leaves the room.

After that, Raunaq tries to put the blanket on Chandni but, suddenly Chandni wakes up and asks him if this is a new torture for her.

Chandni's outburst

Chandni blames Raunaq for intentionally making her wear the saree and then making her awkward in front of everyone.

Further, Chandni blames Raunaq for torturing her and taking her side to show off that he is a gentleman.

Raunaq tries to explain to Chandni but she doesn't listen to anything and keeps blaming him for poisoning Roshni's heart against her.

However, during this, Chandni starts sobbing while crying which makes Raunaq feel sad for her.

Raunaq tells Chandni that although he tortured her previously, he is not responsible for the incident that happened today.

However, Chandni refuses to trust Raunaq and tells him that she also told him so many times that she is not responsible for his sister's death but he never trusted her.

Chandni tells Raunaq that the husband has to protect their wife from all the problems, but for her, Raunaq is the biggest problem.

After that, Chandni fiercely announces that she will not forgive Raunaq for his today's planning.

Suddenly, Chandni throws her dupatta on the bed and Raunaq gets shocked.

Chandni tells Raunaq that he can torture her as much as he wants and should end the dirty game which he started but she will never leave the Babbar Mansion no matter what.

Raunaq looks at Chandni helplessly as she says that she entered the Babbar Mansion to protect Roshni and she will never leave there.

Raunaq apologizes to Chandni

Just then, Raunaq puts back Chandni's dupatta and apologizes to her while saying that he made the mistake.

He says that he will not trouble her from now on and goes to sleep on the couch.

Later, in the morning, he wakes up but his body starts paining due to stiffness while Chandni looks at him.

Raunaq tries to stand straight and playfully blames Chandni for hiding the ACs remote.

However, Raunaq starts stuttering as Chandni gets close to him and immediately she pulls the remote from the couch and then gives it to Raunaq.

Later, Gautam accidentally bumps into Chandni and starts apologizing to her instantly by calling her, Mata Rani.

However, Vandana asks about Gautam's swollen eye but he lies by saying that he slipped in the bathroom.

Softness brews between Raunaq and Chandni

On the other hand, everyone starts laughing by looking at Raunaq as he comes for breakfast without wearing a pant.

Just then, Nisha tells Chandni that Raunaq needs to be treated in a mental hospital while Raunaq tries to pull it off by saying little mistakes can happen sometimes, and asks for breakfast.

Chandni turns to get breakfast but her dupatta gets stuck in Raunaq's watch which makes her turn around and look at Raunaq.

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