Chashni 12th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 12th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 12th March 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 12th March 2023 episode starts with Vandana ignoring Chandni and when Chandni asks her to calm down she says that were there no other jobs left in the entire Amritsar.

Roshni intervenes to say that she should not think about the past and just focus on her achievement as she is the first 'fire woman' of Amritsar.

Vandana says she would have been happier if she would have found a boy to get married to rather than a job.

At the fire station, Tarun receives a call from Raj to confirm the news of Chandni getting appointed and he is unpleased with the news.

Therefore, Tarun teams up with Raj to mess up her first day at the job.

At home, Bindu is trying to arrange money for Sanjay’s hospital fee but Vandana disagrees to support her.

Chandni reaches the office and recalls how she promised her father of working at the same office as him and today she will finally, fulfil that promise.

She also reveals that her motive behind her job is to prove her father’s innocence.

Just when she was about to enter the office few bikers surround her and throws mud all over her.

She is shaken by this attack and demands who sent them, Raj appears and takes responsibility and asks her not to enter the pious place as she is the daughter of a corrupted man.

Chandni without batting an eyelid pushes Raj and the biker and proceeds to enter the fire station.

As she reaches there everybody starts laughing at her except Manav who shows his concern and asks her if she is alright.

She goes for the Induction function and all new joiners make fun of her for being in that state.

Tarun addresses all of them and when Chandni asks him to excuse her for cleaning up he replies he is not going to wait for her and thus she doesn’t go and joins them in the same condition.

Further, Tarun proceeds on explaining all the technicalities and demonstrates the whole drill.

Chandni attentively listens to everything and is ecstatic to start the work.

Meanwhile, Roshni is busy making arrangements for the party and inviting guests.

At the fire station, Chandni is arranging files just when Raunak steps into the room and holds her hand while she was unaware of his presence.

Chandni asks him why is he there and if he is stalking her, however, before he could explain she asks him to leave.

Raunak explains he is just there to receive the file of a property and when was about to leave noticed someone has closed the door from outside.

They bang on the door and call for help but nobody comes to their rescue.

Raunak is happy over this situation and Chandni is scared that if Tarun will see her a new controversy will be created.

Meanwhile, Raunak again tries to open the door and at the same time, Tarun opens the door making him fall over Chandni.

Tarun was on the phone so he did not notice them, then Raunak asks for his help and Chandni slowly escapes the room.

Later at lunchtime, Tarun makes sure that Chandni cannot join them at the same table.

Chandni decides to eat alone but Manav joins her and Tarun taunts her for trapping the super senior on the first day of the job.

Later, Chandni mistakenly enters the gents' washroom and is embarrassed just when Tarun informs her that there is no ladies' washroom at the office.

He pokes fun at her mentioning she can use the same washroom and other colleagues join him to mock her.

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