Chashni 12th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 12th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 12th May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 12th May 2023 episode starts with Nisha playfully clicking a photo of Chandni and Raunaq when they are close to each other.

Raunaq naughtily whispers in Chandni's ears that she should hurry to get the breakfast on the table.

Chandni smiles and walks toward the kitchen while Raunaq mutters that now Chandni can feel comfortable.

Elsewhere, Vandana reminds Roshni's dream of becoming a civil servant, as she sees news of the exam results.

Vandana gets upset by looking at the current situation of Roshni and thinks that Roshni, herself has ruined her dreams.

Further, Vandana keeps muttering helplessly, that Chandni can even risk her life for Roshni but still Roshni blames Chandni for scattering her life into pieces.

Just then, on call, Ishika firmly tells Roshni that she will not follow her orders anymore while regretting that she intentionally put a foot on Chandni's pallu.

Meanwhile, Vandana hears the conversation and feels miserable, thinking of Chandni's reaction after learning the truth.

Later, Chandni is busy making breakfast and gets worried by looking at anxious Vandana.

Chandni asks Vandana if something bothering her and Vandana replies as it's about last night's incident.

Further, Chandni tells Vandana that it was Raunaq's vulgar plan, but Vandana gets tears in her eyes and tells Chandni that Roshni did it.

Chandni disbelieves her while saying that Roshni will never do that, but gets deeply hurt when Vandana explains to Chandni that she has heard Ishika's conversation with Roshni.

However, Chandni tries to hold back her tears while telling Vandana that she has berated Raunaq and that Raunaq has tolerated her without uttering a word.

Tears start rolling down from Chandni's eyes and Vandana hugs Chandni to comfort her.

Just then, Ishika walks in and genuinely apologizes to Chandni for her doings, and says that Roshni has threatened for terminating her from her job.

However, Chandni forgives her by saying that it was not her mistake.

Later, Chandni serves aloo paratha as a breakfast and Nisha gets happy to have desi breakfast.

Chandni serves breakfast to Gautam but he calls her Mata Rani while recalling all his pain given by Raunaq's punishment.

Vandna reminds Gautam about his strict diet plan but Gautam eats paratha in a hurry while muttering that now he will eat everything made by Chandni, as Matarani's Prashad.

At that time, Raunaq walks downstairs and Chandni keeps looking at him.

Soon after that, Raunaq eats paratha while standing and Nisha tells Chandni that Raunaq is not sitting on the chair because he is injured.

Later, in Chandni's room, Raunaq struggles to put ointment on the wound on his back while whining in pain.

Chandni enters the room and teases him by saying that it looks like someone beat him hard but Raunaq gets irritated and asks her to leave if she doesn't have anything important to say.

However, Raunaq gets shocked as Chandni apologizes to him and he playfully asks her to repeat it but Chandni rudely asks him if his ears are also injured.

Chandni sincerely apologizes to Raunaq and then tells him that she can help him to put ointment on his wound.

However, Raunaq tells her that they are still enemies and he will try harder to throw her out of Babbar Mansion, but she can trust him as he will never cross his limits.

Chandni laughs and accepts his enmity while shaking hands with him.

After a while, in the kitchen, Chandni asks Vimla about Chitra's personality while saying that she also wants to learn how her mother-in-law was managing the whole house.

Vimla emotionally tells that Chitra was a happy and cheerful person and Sumer and Chitra were very happy in their married life.

Further, Vimla says that, as time passed on, Sumer got busy with work and Chitra became lonely which led to arguments between them which negatively affected Raunaq.

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