Chashni 13th April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 13th April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 13th April 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 13th April 2023 episode starts with Raunak speaking with the police about his Vivek Nagar's insurance and when it will be cleared.

Meanwhile, the female constable accompanies Chandni to the police station, and Raunak is taken aback when he notices her and begins making fun of her.

He questions the inspector about the purpose of putting Chandni in jail, and when he learns that she is accused of stealing 21 lakhs in jewelry, Raunak is relieved.

Before departing, he wishes her a pleasant night in jail, and Roshni later arrives at the police station.

When she sees Chandni behind bars, she rejoices and states that she shattered her life two months ago and destroyed all she owned.

She goes on to say that Chandni deserves to be treated this way, and when Chandni asks for one final opportunity, she flatly refuses.

Roshni, on the other hand, hands the inspector Chandni's bail papers and orders him to leave Chandni.

The next day, Raunak runs into Chandni at the café, and they have an altercation in which Raunak mocks Chandni and asks her if she has escaped from the jail.

However, once Raunak joins the ordering queue, he purposefully wastes her time by reordering meals.

When Chandni orders a meal, the cashier lady advises her that she must pay with cash or a credit card, which she does not have.

Raunak then intervenes, claiming that he is willing to assist Chandni for the purpose of cash, but only after he returns from the restroom.

He purposefully keeps Chandni waiting, and when he arrives, he sees Chandni eating and asks the cashier lady how she paid for the meal, to which she replies that she used café points.

When Raunak inquires about his order, she informs him that it has been canceled because he failed to pay for it.

Chandni then begins insulting Raunak and requests that he take some of her stale drink.

Chandni continues slandering Raunak by declaring that even her shoes do not deserve Raunak and walks out of the café with a smile as Raunak becomes enraged.

Later, she arrives at the Baber house and begins making a commotion by screaming out to Roshni while security stops her.

As Roshni comes, she scolds the guard for entertaining Chandni for so long and commands him to toss Chandni through the gates.

Later, Bindu condemns Roshni's treatment of Chandni and urges Chandni to leave Roshni alone if she wishes to go on with her life.

The next day, Chandni arrives at the Fire Station, where Manav presents her with a suspension letter and declares that he is compelled to fire her.

However, Chandni nags Manav for not accomplishing this, and he hands Chandni a file and informs her that her suspension can only be lifted if the Babers admit to her innocence.

Raunak enters with a lemon peddling cart as Chandni exits the fire station, claiming that because Chandni has lost her current work, she must have an alternative, therefore he provides the lemon cart for Chandni's source of income.

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