Chashni 13th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 13th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 13th March 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 13th March 2023 episode starts with Chandni needing to use the washroom right away, but Tarun refuses.

Later, after Chandni's pleading, when Tarun allows her to use the washroom, he mocks her behind her back, knowing that Manav supports Chandni and will even make a lady's toilet in the station for her.

Chandni dashes into the market and approaches a lady tailor in order to use her washroom.

Sardoj agrees, and when Chandni comes out, the lady tailor offers her water, which she declines because there is no ladies' washroom in the station, and she cannot travel repeatedly just to use the washroom.

Chandni arrives just seconds late, and Tarun instructs her to clean up the storeroom because she is unable to participate in the drill due to her tardiness.

She becomes emotional as she cleans the storeroom after discovering her father's name in one of the boxes.

Meanwhile, Roshni and Bobby decorate the entire house to celebrate Chandni's new job.

When Chandni enters the house and notices the lights are turned off, she is perplexed, but everyone surprises her and congratulates her on her new position.

Dadi kisses Chandni's forehead and affirms that she is very proud of her today.

When everyone notices Chandni's dirty clothes, they ask her if she's okay and how she got so dirty.

Meanwhile, Manav and Riya enter and confirm to everyone that Chandni rocked the drill on her first day, while Riya hands Chandni a beautiful card.

When everyone enters the house, Manav informs Chandni that he forwarded the request for the ladies' washroom to the station, and Chandni informs him that she took her Father's nameplate from the storeroom because it is special to her.

As Chandni walks away, Dadi approaches Manav and asks him to confess his feelings for Chandni, but Manav becomes upset due to Riya's custody of Natasha.

Meanwhile, Raunak enters the Chopra house thinking it's a mela and devours all of the delicious and spicy dishes available.

Chandni becomes puzzled when she notices Raunak enjoying all of the meals.

She approaches Raunak and inquires as to his purpose for being here.

Raunak responds to Chandni by saying he's enjoying all the dishes, and Chandni informs him that everyone present is invited, but Raunak's isn't, so he should stop eating the food of the guests.

Meanwhile, Vandana and Bindu arrive, and Raunak graciously takes their blessings.

Vandana and Bindu are baffled because they have forgotten who Raunak is, but Raunak reminds them that Khurana instructed him to collect the bunglow's keys from them.

Vandana and Bindu become excited and invite Raunak to join them for the meals, but Chandni objects and asks them not to invite him.

Bindu asks Chandni not to make a fuss on this special day, and they leave with Raunak.

Meanwhile, Raj's mother informs him that Chandni is celebrating a party in her home to honor her new job, which enrages Raj.

He becomes angry and threatens to destroy everything related to Chandni and her family.

Roshni calls Nirbhay and asks him to meet her at the nearest bus stop.

As she waits, a man approaches Roshni and tightly closes her mouth, making her fearful.

Roshni punches the man, causing him to collapse, and when Roshni turns around, he recognizes Nirbhay.

Nirbhay claims he wanted to surprise Roshni and that she ruined the plan, to which Roshni apologizes and hugs her.

Roshni then asks for the items she asked him to bring, to which Nirbhay responds by telling her to go for a ride first.

He takes him to the location where he plans to build a house with Roshni and start their family.

Roshni becomes emotional and hugs him, asking if their dream will ever come true because Roshni hasn't informed Chandni about Nirbhay due to his financial situation.

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