Chashni 14th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 14th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 14th March 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 14th March 2023 episode starts with Chandni expressing gratitude to Raunak for attending her party as an uninvited guest.

Raunak claims he made the party more exciting, which prompts Chandni to slap him and cover his mouth.

He is taken aback, and Chandni informs him that there was a mosquito and she saved him from various diseases.

Raunak makes a sly grin and walks away, and Chandni wonders where Roshni is.

Meanwhile, when Chandni calls Roshni, she becomes tense because Chandni must be inquiring about her and asks Nirbhay to drive her home as soon as possible.

As Chandni continues to call Roshni, she dodges her calls but later picks up, informing her that she went out because the signal was not coming.

Nirbhay recalls Chandni as the woman to whom he spoke rudely in the pub when he sees Roshni's wallpaper of her and Chandni.

Roshni becomes even angrier after Nirbhay ruins his first impression in front of Chandni.

The phone then falls out of her grasp, and when Roshni picks it up, she notices a crack and becomes outraged, demanding that he is irresponsible.

Meanwhile, Riya asks Chandni if she can sit in her lap, to which Chandni responds by smiling and playing with her while making her sit.

Manav begins to feel more passionate about Chandni and informs Bindu that his heart cries when he can't see Riya receiving all of the mother's side of love even if he tries to provide both.

Bindu advises Manav to finish the divorce proceedings as soon as possible so that he can marry Chandni and live a happy life.

As Chandni becomes tense thinking about Roshni, she enters and hugs her, telling her not to worry.

She then takes her hand and leads her to the terrace, where she invites her to enjoy the drink on this special occasion.

Chandni flatly rejects Roshni's suggestion to drink today and inquires whether her friend 'nirali' is a girl or a boy aka 'nirala'.

Roshni finds it perfect timing to tell everything about Nirbhay and confesses everything about him.

Chandni requests her to look into her eyes while describing everything, but Roshni fails to do so, prompting Chandni to claim that she knew Roshni was lying about having a boyfriend because Roshni cannot keep any secret from Chandni.

Tarun arrives the next day and meets Raj, who asks him to get rid of Chandni as soon as possible because seeing a woman working in a fire department does not suit her.

Tarun assures Raj that he will make Chandni's life in the office hell.

Meanwhile, Chandni and Roshni return home from shopping to find Bindu and Vandana serving Raghav delicious 'Parathas,' which he appears to enjoy immensely.

Chandni requests Bindu to discontinue her social work and allow Raghav to return to his home.

Bindu requests Chandi to remain silent and assist Raghav, as he is now our new neighbor.

As Bindu and Chandni leave, Chandi asks her to go home now as she gives the title of 'bad neighbor'.

Meanwhile, Roshni arrives at the college and sees Nirbhay, whom he informs that he has bought prasad for her.

As she approaches the door, a man hands her the books and informs her that someone paid for them online, to which she turns and thanks, Nirbhay.

She blushes and asks Nirbhay why he did so, to which he responds that seeing Roshni succeed in her government job will make him happy.

Tarun summons Chandni to his office, and when she arrives, he insults her and blames her for missing the night shift to attend a party.

He yells at her and threatens to leave the station if she makes any more mistakes.

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