Chashni 14th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 14th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 14th May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 14th May 2023 episode starts with Chandni nervously muttering that it's been past an hour but no one has come yet.

However, Chandni prays to god to make her plan work as she can't risk Roshni's life.

Just then, Chandni hears the sound coming from the store room and starts walking toward it while being afraid.

As she enters the store room suddenly, the door gets closed from the outside and Chandni gets locked inside.

However, Chandni challenges the person to face her rather than playing hide and seek.

Soon after that, Chandni gets nervous after realizing the gas leakage in the room, and in the meantime, she starts coughing and choking due to the leaking gas.

Since Chandni is near about to get fainted, she mutters that she will never let anything bad happen to Roshni.

At the same time, the door gets opened and Chandni rushes to the door while coughing and notices Vimla walking towards her with a cold attitude.

Just then, Raunaq enters the house and notices heavily coughing Chandni so rushes to her.

Vimla is about to touch Chandni's face but at the same time, Raunaq reaches Chandni and worriedly lifts her in his arms while asking Vimla what happened to Chandni.

However, Vimla replies as she has just come there so Raunaq tells her to call the doctor immediately.

Raunaq gets scared by seeing Chandni's condition and mutters that he won't let anything bad happen to her.

Later, in Chandni's room, Chandni wakes up suddenly, while muttering that Vimla has done all this.

Chandni steps down from the bed but starts feeling dizzy and about to fall but Vimla supports her.

However, Chandni blames her for attacking her and the gas leakage in the store room while getting emotional.

Further, Vimla starts crying as Chandni blames her for Chitra's death and raises her voice to stop Chandni's blabbering.

Chandni surprised with Vimla's act while Vimla tells Chandni that she doesn't want to harm Roshni rather she is trying to save her.

Vimla shows the missing notes to Chandni for making Chandni trust her and Chandni asks her why she is having those notes.

Suddenly Chandni gets the threatening notes and asks her if has sent them.

Vimla nods to Chandni while saying that Roshni is not safe in the house and she can't tell this openly to anyone that's why she has written those notes to keep Chandni alert about the situation.

As Chandni gets confused and asks Vimla the name of the person who is playing with Roshni's life but Vimla gets scared and says that she can't tell her name.

After that, Chandni apologizes to Vimla for her misbehaviour and Vimla tells Chandni to keep protecting Roshni and leaves from there.

Soon after that, Raunaq thanks Vimla for saving Chandni and tells Vimla to contact him if she needs anything.

Vimla gets emotional and says that Raunaq's behaviour reminds her of Chitra while giving him a rakshadhaga for Chandni.

Further, Vimla gives blessing to Raunaq for always staying happy with Chandni as he loves Chandni while Raunaq leaves from there without answering her.

Later, Raunaq enters Chandni's room and looks at Chandni, sleeping on the bed.

Raunaq pats Chandni's head and says that even if he hates Chandni still he doesn't want to see her in pain.

Further, Raunaq sets the temperature of the AC and mutters that Chandni will feel better when she will wake up.

Raunaq starts smiling after thinking that he likes Chandni when she argues and fights with him rather than when she stays silent.

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