Chashni 15th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 15th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 15th May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 15th May 2023 episode starts with Nisha thanking her friend, for her advice, and hanging up the call while saying that she doesn't know Manav and Chandni will react.

Further, Nisha mutters that she has started liking Manav and decides to confess her feeling through a letter as she thinks Manav is old school person.

Nisha prepares a photography camera as a gift and hopes that they can capture moments of togetherness through that camera.

In the meantime, in Chandni's room, Chandni gets worried by thinking of Roshni's enemy in the house.

Just then, Raunaq enters with the glass of orange juice and teases her by saying that he has added poison to it.

Since Chandni looks disturbed after the incident, Raunaq asks her if anything is troubling her then she can share it with him.

However, Chandni keeps silent, as she thinks Raunaq won't believe her.

Meanwhile, Chandni keeps blinking her eyes while talking, so Raunaq gets an eyedrop for her, but Chandni stands up by saying that eyedrops irritate her eyes.

Suddenly, Raunaq lifts Chandni in his arms and puts her on the bed carefully, after that, he cautiously puts eyedrops in her eyes while gently blowing the eyes.

On the other hand, Nisha gets happy by seeing Manav walking toward her but Manav scolds Nisha for sending the letter and gifts to him.

Manav gets furious while saying that she misunderstood him and leaves from there while warning Nisha to stay away from him.

However, tears stream down Nisha's cheeks.

Back in Chandni's room, Chandni notices Vandana's missed calls and rushes to call her while thinking that she must be worried.

On call, Vandana asks Chandni if she is okay to which Chandni comforts her by saying that everything is alright and she need not worry.

Meanwhile, Sarjot gets to know that Chandni lied to her about Roshni coming back and then ignores it while muttering that maybe Roshni would have intentionally lied to her.

At the same time, Vimla is cleaning the room and Sarjot notices her nervousness so she walks to Vimla and grabs her hand while asking if she is hiding something.

Vimla gets scared and starts sweating as Sarjot starts checking her and just then, the paper notes fall on the floor.

Since Sarjot gets exasperated after reading them, Vimla's legs start trembling out of fear and she mutters that she didn't pass the notes to Chandni.

Suddenly, Sarjot grabs Vimla's throat and threatens her by saying that she will kill Vimla, if Vimla tries to betray her.

Vimla gets on her knees helplessly and holds Sarjots legs while saying that she will never go against Sarjot.

However, Sarjot kicks Vimla and reminds her how she has broken Sumer's first engagement with Kaveri and then thrown Chitra out of Sumer's life.

Further, Sarjot furiously says that she sacrificed so many things to manipulate Sumer and grab his business, and now, she won't let anyone snatch her well-settled business.

Vimla starts quaking as Sarjot decides to throw out the Roshni same as Chitra if Roshni tries to snatch her position in the house or Babbar Mansion.

Sarjot threatens Vimla by saying that now she doesn't trust her anymore and if she wants the safety of her family then she has to kill Chandni tonight.

Vimla gets shocked but Sarjot tells Vimla that she doesn't have much time to think.

Further, Sarjot says that she has sacrificed her marriage for settling Sumer's business and she will never let Sumer live a happy married life.

Sarjot says that Sumer trusts Chandni and Roshni more than her so she has to secure her position by getting rid of Chopra's sisters.

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