Chashni 16th April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 16th April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 16th April 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 16th April 2023 episode starts with Chandni dragging Gautam to the living room while holding his collar.

Meher gets angry after seeing that and starts yelling at Chandni while asking how she can dare to hold his collar.

However, Chandni gets so mad while telling them that Gautam tried to molest Roshni, but Meher tells her that Gautam will never do that and tries to comfort Gautam.

At that time, Sumer and Sanjyot also walk there and try to stop the chaos but Chandni is not in the state to listen to anyone and tells them to confirm with Roshni if they don't believe her.

Everyone starts looking at Roshni, but she puts her hand together while apologizing to Gautam, leaving Chandni shocked.

Further, Roshni apologizes to everyone on behalf of Chandni and tells them that Chandni is doing all this because she is jealous of her, as Roshni got married to a rich family.

Roshni asks Chandni to leave the house without any drama and not come back ever while this breaks Chandni's heart and she starts walking to the door while wiping her tears.

After that, in Roshni's room, she mutters that she is not left with any other option as Chandni destroyed her life, and now she has to tolerate every wrongdoing only because she needs a house to live in.

On the other hand, Chandni gets worried for Roshni, thinking that she is not happy and tolerates so much while living in Babbar's house.

Elsewhere, Roshni sneaks into Sumer's room and picks up a photo of Raunak and Avantika but suddenly Sumer Babbar walks into the room.

However, Roshni gets shocked after seeing Sumer, and the photo frame gets broken as it falls on the floor.

Roshni gets so scared and tries to explain herself, but Sumer angrily asks her to leave and never comes to his room again.

Meanwhile, Meher furiously tells Sanjyot that Chandni can't treat Gautam in that way while saying that, in Sumer's life, Sanjyot, Gautam, and Meher are equally important.

This makes Sanjyot angry and she warns Meher not to compare Gautam with them and reminds her that she did so much hard work to maintain her position in Sumer's life.

Further, she says that Sumer's son is most important to him and they should be careful, that Raunak should enter this house in any condition, while Roshni secretly hears them.

Elsewhere, Chandni calls Raj and tells him about Roshni and Summer's wedding while living him shocked/

Raj hangs up the call while telling Chandni that he will definitely help her and adds that he is shifting to Delhi for work purposes.

On the other side, Roshni thinks about reuniting Sumer and Raunak to get the power and status of Sumer, while muttering that Sanjyot's era is about to end now.

Meanwhile, at the Police station, Raunak taunts Chandni about getting a house near the police station as she has to come there daily.

However, Chandni turns the table, playing an audio recording in which Raunak bribes the officer, and after that police officer takes back the FIR.

Further, Chandni warns Raunak to stay from her life as he already destroyed her but he replies as this will not do.

Elsewhere, Roshni starts her game by gifting a remade photo frame to Sumer.

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