Chashni 16th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 16th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 16th May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 16th May 2023 episode starts with Chandni thinking worriedly about Vimla's conversation about Sumer and Chitra's married life.

Since the thought pops up in Chandni's mind about someone killing Chitra to throw her out of Sumer's life, Chandni gets shocked and starts looking at Raunaq.

Raunaq teases Chandni

Just then, Raunaq realizes it and playfully says that he will ask Vimla for one more raksha dhaga (protective thread) for being safe from Chandni's evil eye.

However, Chandni teases Raunaq that he is not that handsome, and is lucky to get a beautiful and smart wife like her.

Playful teasing goes on as Raunaq says he doesn't find Chandni 'beautiful' and Chandni replies that not anyone can assess the worth of a diamond.

Suddenly, Raunaq stands up and walks toward Chandni while looking at her face, and Chandni tells him to stay away.

Soon after that, Raunaq jokingly says that he can't see any beauty in Chandni's face and starts comparing her forehead with his.

Unaware of having a stain on his hand, Ranauq touches his hands to his forehead, nose, and cheeks which results in his funny makeover.

Chandni starts smiling at Raunaq's foolishness and clicks his photos.

Soon after that, Chandni laughs as she shows those photos to Raunaq and makes him insecure by saying that she will send them to all family members.

However, Raunaq tries to get Chandni's phone while Chandni starts running around.

Since Chandni accordantly bumps into Raunaq, Raunaq grabs Chandni in his arms and stains her face, the same as him.

Immediately, Raunaq cheerfully clicks the selfies and leaves there by saying that now, Chandni can send them to whomsoever she wants to.

Nisha gets heartbroken

In the meantime, in Nisha's room, Nisha gets heartbroken by knowing that Manav has blocked her number and starts crying.

Just then, Sarjot walks into Nisha's room with a fruit plate and gets irate at seeing the messy room.

Sarjot tells Nisha to get the room cleaned by Vimla while Nisha wipes her tears and asks Sarjot to spend some time with her.

Nisha lies on Sarjot's lap but gets annoyed as Sarjot keeps texting on the phone while telling her to study hard to run the business.

However, Nisha leaves the room by rudely saying that she expected only love and care from Sarjot but all Sarjot cares for is her business.

Vimla attacks Chandni

Later, Chandni is sleeping in her room and just then, Vimla enters the room while holding the knife in her hand.

Vimla adjusts her earphones and walks toward Chandni's bed cautiously.

As soon as Vimla tries to stab Chandni with the knife, Chandni opens her eyes and gets shocked by seeing that Vimla is trying to kill her.

However, Vimla signals Chandni to keep quiet and shows her earphones, as Sarjot asks her if she has killed Chandni already.

On the call, Vimla replies in a panicked voice that she can't kill Chandni as Chandni is awake and leaves.

After a while, Chandni keeps thinking about the people, who are newly arrived in the Babbar Mansion and mutters that their lives are in danger.

Just then, Raunaq enters the room, and Chandni rushes to him, to tell the truth.

Chandni tells Raunaq, in a serious tone that Roshni's life is in danger as someone is trying to kill her.

After understanding that Raunaq is not believing her, Chandni explains in detail about all the alarming notes and the store room incident.

However, Raunaq tells Chandni to stop her nonsense talk to which Chandni says that she will save Roshni by herself and leaves the room.

Vimla's shocking revelation

As soon as Chandni steps out of the room, she sees Vimla standing outside the door while sobbing and takes her inside.

Raunaq worriedly asks Vimla about what happened and gets shocked as Vimla replies as Roshni is not safe in the Babbar Mansion.

Vimla confronts that she has sent the notes to Chandni to keep her aware and makes a shocking declaration by saying that the enemy is none other than, Sarjot.

However, Vimla says that she has risked her family's life to disclose this truth.

Raunaq gets broken when Vimla declares that Sarjot is the person who killed Chitra.

She further warns Chandni and Raunaq to keep the truth to themselves only or else, Chandni will be attacked again.

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