Chashni 17th April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 17th April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 17th April 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 17th April 2023 episode starts with Sarjot making fun of Roshni for not knowing what to get Sumeer for his birthday at the Baber home.

Meanwhile, Raunak receives a phone call from Roshni, who requests that he arrive as quickly as possible.

Later, when Raunak sees Roshni in Sumeer's car, he is surprised and asks her what she is doing there, to which Roshni responds that she is Sumeer's wife.

Raunak is taken aback by this revelation and Roshni alleges that Sumeer helped her when she didn't have a place to live or food to eat, whilst Raunak maintains that he is sorry for everything that has transpired.

He then asks Roshni to request anything and he will gladly do it, but when Roshni insists he returns to the Baber family, he becomes enraged.

He insists he cannot do it, to which Roshni desires that he do it because they both know that in order to achieve respect in that family, she must do something spectacular.

Roshni advises Raunak that he may view Roshni to be a selfish and self-centered person, but circumstances have forced her to take this step and leaves while insisting that Raunak consider the offer.

The next day, Manmeet arrives near Sarjot with the much-anticipated magazine, and when she sees Roshni and Sameer on the initial cover of the magazine, she is angry.

Gautam, on the other hand, begins to mock Roshni for replacing Sarjot on the magazine cover.

Chandni, on the other hand, speaks to Vandana on the phone and tells her to relax because she isn't going to give up on Roshni and will reveal the entire truth as soon as feasible.

However, someone knocks on the door, and when Chandni answers it, she finds no one.

She finds a letter on the floor and, when she opens it, she is horrified and instantly closes the door.

Sarjot delegates Sumeer's birthday party duties to Raj, while Chandni feels anxious about Roshni's life in danger.

She recalls her meeting with Raj today, but he did not show up.

Later, as the celebration begins, Sameer dresses nicely, and Roshni approaches him.

However, Sameer experiences spondylitis pain again, and Roshni insists on massaging him, but Sarjot intervenes and assigns her party duties.

Sarjot recommends Sameer consult a physiotherapist and instructs him to rest till she calls.

Meanwhile, Sarjot stops Roshni and taunts her not to seek out Sameer and try to become his loving wife.

She reminds Roshni of her lesser class and departs as Roshni considers whether her gift of bringing Raunak back to Sameer will come true.

As the party begins, Sarjot gives Sumeer a special gift on his birthday by handing him his biography, noting that his path is so inspiring that the world should know about it.

However, just as Sarjot is about to offer Sumeer the first copy, Roshni receives a message, which she refuses to accept.

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