Chashni 17th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 17th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 17th March 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 17th March 2023 episode starts with Chandni going insane after learning that Bindu and Vandana kept her and Roshni out of the darkest secret.

The doctor also informs her that Sanjay Chopra is being transferred to another city hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, Chandni notices the ambulance and runs towards it, crying, in the hopes of stopping it.

While chasing the ambulance down the busy road, she falls and cries, and Raunak arrives and asks Chandni to calm down.

He requests that she sit in the car while he drives her to the city hospital.

They rush out of the car and inquire about Sanjay Chopra, who has been admitted to the first-floor emergency room.

Manav calls Chandni and inquires about the file while she and Raunak are waiting outside the emergency room.

Manav warns Chandni to be cautious because Tarun is only looking for flaws in her to get her out of the station, to which Chandni responds by saying her father is still alive.

Manav is taken aback and inquires of Chandi about her whereabouts as he prepares to visit her, but Tarun, who is standing outside Manav's cabin, overhears the conversation and learns the truth about Sanjay Chopra's existence.

In the hospital, Chandni is sobbing while leaning on Raunak's chest, and the doctor, Bindu, and Vandana arrive and confront Chandni there.

Chandni gives Bindu a cold look as the doctor informs them that he is responding well to the treatment and that they will be able to return him to Disha's care home soon.

Chandi goes with the doctor to learn about his condition, and Bindu and Vandana become terrified at the prospect of this happening.

Later, she calms down as she enters the ward and sees Sanjay lying on the bed, alongside Bindu and Vandana.

She begins to cry as she approaches him, picks up his hands, and kisses him.

She hugs and sobs as Bindu places her hand on Chandni's shoulder.

Bindu explains that because Chandi was too young to understand what was going on and they didn't have the option of integrating Sanjay into society, it was best for Sanjay to stay in the Disha care home.

Meanwhile, Roshi sees Sanjay and is flabbergasted, while Chandni exemplifies that her father is still alive.

Chandni claims that Sanjay will now accompany them home, but Roshni dismisses Chandni's claim and orders Sanjay to return to Disha's care home.

Chandni is puzzled, but Roshni warns her not to bring Sanjay home and gives her the option of choosing between Sanjay and Roshni.

Meanwhile, Tarun informs Raj of Sanjay's existence, which both enrages and shocks him.

Roshni sprints to Nirbhay, who notices Roshni crying.

He asks Roshni if everything is okay, and she explains what has happened.

Nirbhay hugs him and tells her not to let such an important relationship slip away from her life because Chandani desperately needs Roshni's help right now.

Nirbhay notices his father's photo frame and tells Roshni that he misses him as well, making Roshni realize the value of relationships.

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