Chashni 17th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 17th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 17th May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 17th May 2023 episode starts with Vimla telling Raunak and Chandni that Sumer and Chitra were very living a content life while Sanjot had her focus on the business which broke her marriage. 

She wanted Sumer to do the same and when he resisted, Sanjot targeted Chitra and turned her against Sumer. 

She presented Chitra with false evidence of Sumer’s affair that was a final nail in the coffin. 

Chitra left the house and took Avantika and him with her. 

Vimla also reveals that Chitra came back with the children but it did not sit well with Sanjot and she killed her by conspiring with her doctor. 

Raunak feels shattered to hear that his mother did not die a natural death while Chandni consoles him and asks Vimla to continue. 

Vimla also tells them that Sanjot wants Sumer and Raunak to be alienated from each other so that her son can inherit Sumer’s business. 

She also tells them that Sanjot shut her up by sending her husband to jail and threatening her son’s life. 

Thinking about Roshni, Vimla tells them that Roshni’s life is in danger along with Chandni. 

She tells them that Sanjot has sent her to kill Chandni today. 

Meanwhile, Chandni tells Raunak if he believes her while Raunak looks determined and tells her that he will send Sanjot to jail and save Roshni. 

Later, Vimla comes to Sanjot’s room who scolds her for carelessness and threatens her family for not killing Chandni. 

However, Vimla lies to her and tells her that she is loyal to her as she has saved her husband. 

Meanwhile, Sanjot tells her to wait for her next order while she will plan her next move. 

Afterward, Sanjot thinks of removing Chandni and Roshni from her path and then will use her plan B. 

Meanwhile, Raunak is reliving Vimla’s words and drinks in solitude trying to battle his feelings.

Just then, Chandni comes there and tells him to share his sorrow with her so he feels unburdened.

However, Raunak tells her that he knows she hates him, and if he tells her anything then she will make fun of him in front of others. 

He also tells her that she is not wrong to hate him because he deserves it for hurting his father without any fault. 

Chandni insists on sharing his feelings while Raunak invites her to get drunk or else she will have an advantage on him.

Chandni agrees to drink and gets her glass and soon she is as drunk along with Raunak. 

After a while, neither Chandni nor Raunak can do a meaningful talk but spend time as best of friends. 

Later, Raunak tells Chandni that he kept blaming Sumer for his mother’s death due to his inattention but now he feels sad that it was his aunt that killed his mother. 

He feels guilty for not being able to help his parents when they needed him the most. 

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