Chashni 18th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 18th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 18th March 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 18th March 2023 episode starts with Raunak delivering coffee to Chandni in the ward.

Raunak notices Chandni's tiredness and places his shoulder against her, while the nurse enters the room, he gets back and hands Chandni the coffee.

Chandni thanks him for everything he doing for her, and in the meantime, Manav brings Chandni a bouquet and inquires about Sanjay's health.

Bindu and Vandana enter the ward and inform her that the doctor has approved Sanjay's discharge as Disha care home will provide additional treatments.

Manav insists on signing all the paperwork for Sanjay's release, but Bindu insists that Chandni keep him at Disha care home and listen to Roshni's advice not to bring him home.

Meanwhile, Roshni enters and informs Chandni that if she wants to take Sanjay home, she can, but Sanjay will not exist for Roshni.

Chandni gets happy listening to Roshni and hugs her saying finally their father will come with them as she is about to go sign the formalities, Manav informs them that outside a huge revolt is taking place.

While running, they notice Raj and a group of gangsters holding bats, yelling and confirming their intention to kill Sanjay today.

Raj and his friends begin throwing stones at the window, which frightens Chandni and Roshni even more.

Chandni begs Roshni to go home with Bindu and Vandana, while she stays with Sanjay.

While Raj and the gangsters successfully enter the hospital, the doctor instructs them to escape through the back exit first.

The manager closes the door and informs Roshni, Manav, Bindu, Vandana, and Raunak that this exit is no longer safe.

He then shows them the exit gate for the staff.

Meanwhile, Chandni places Sanjay in a wheelchair and rushes to the exit because she cannot wait for Roshni.

While running, Raj and his companions come across Chandni, who is about to throw a glass bottle at Sanjay when Nirbhay stops the glass bottle and flees with Chandni and Sanjay, while Raj and the men pursue them.

Meanwhile, Roshni takes Bindu and Vandana out of the hospital and closes the exit gate to locate Chandni.

She begins sobbing while searching for Chandni, and as, she sees Chandni's anklets, she enters the emergency room and hugs her.

Meanwhile, Nirbhay distracts the men, and Chandni and Roshni take Sanjay and run.

Manav and Raunak are arguing about taking Bindu and Vandana home when they notice Chandni, Roshni, and approaching along with Sanjay.

They yell and beg them to hurry as they see Raj and his men chasing them.

Chandni and Roshni are on their way to the car when Chandni slips and falls on the floor while Nirbhay and Manav transfer Sanjay to the car.

Raunak fights the gangsters, while Raj inserts a hockey stick into Chandni's neck, claiming she will die the same way Saroj did.

They are about to beat Chandni with the sticks when Raunak enters with the bike.

He asks Chandni to quickly sit on the bike as he accelerates and flees, leaving Raj frustrated.

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