Chashni 19th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 19th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 19th March 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 19th March 2023 episode starts with Sanjay waking up suddenly and fears his own surroundings. He cannot understand where he is.

Chandni runs towards him as tears roll down her eyes.

She tries to calm him down and tells that he is sick so he is resting.

However, Sanjay says he cannot recognize her identity and wants to go to his house.

Chandni tells that his family has gone to Vaishno Devi temple to pray for his health.

She asks him to stay until they return. After Sanjay calms down, Chandni and Roshni hug each other and cry.

When he asks the reason for their sadness, she tells him that they don't have a father and a mother.

She further tells that she felt the fatherly instinct from Sanjay when she first met him.

He gets sad hearing their sadness as Chandni asks for something.

She expresses her desire to hug Sanjay just like a father.

He instantly agrees to it as they both hug each other. He also spreads his other arm for Roshni to join them.

Roshni too hugs him for a while but suddenly leaves the room without any saying.

Chandni is surprised to see Roshni's behavior as she too leaves with her sobbing state.

She then asks Sanjay about breakfast to which he desires to have what are his children, Chandni and Roshni's favourite foods.

Meanwhile, Roshni has gone out to visit Nirbhay. They talk for a while as Roshni tells him about her frustration and anxiousness regarding Sanjay's health.

Nirbhay tells her that he too misses his father because he lives far away from him. Nirbhay takes a peak at his lock screen which contains a portrait of his and his father.

He then praises Roshni and Chandni's bonding as they can fight through anything by helping each other.

Suddenly he gets a phone call and goes to a corner to receive it. He orders to count the amount and meet him at 5pm.

Roshni finds it suspicious but Nirbhay says everything is alright. He calls her off because he needs to meet his supplier.

Before parting ways, Roshni and Nirbhay hug each other.

Meanwhile Chandni is informed that the goons have been arrested but Raj is not. It is because he is the right hand of a large Delhi business.

She then informs her family that Roshni has gone to visit her friend and is also looking after her security.

Manav then goes away because Diya is alone.

Chandni then approaches Raunak to praise him for helping her. However before leaving he says love thy neighbor.

He leaves as 'Itna na karo mujhe pyaar' is played in the background. Chandni thinks of those moments when Raunak helped her fight against the goons to save Sanjay.

Roshni then discusses with her about them getting back their father Sanjay.

Chandni praises Roshni because of her, she has the courage to fight.

When Chandni thinks that there are no secrets between them, Roshni feels guilty about hiding the secret about Nirbhay from her.

She releases the silence with a joke as they start putting turmeric on each other.

Dadi then apologises to Chandni but Chandni is happy with her current decision.

Roshni puts turmeric powder on them too. The next day, Chandni is asked to buy shoes but she finds them expensive.

Raunak bargains for her and helps her out.

Meanwhile Nirbhay asks Roshni to miss her coaching class and meet him.

As Chandni and Raunak go towards their house, Chandni says that she knows about embroidery because of her father.

However Raunak says her mother had an embroidery shop so he too shares some thoughts.

Suddenly Chandni notices Roshni in an auto but not in her coaching class route. 

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