Chashni 19th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 19th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 19th May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 19th May 2023 episode starts with Chandni telling Raunaq that they should find solid proof against Sanjyot and make Sanjyot confront her wrong-doings, before Sumer and Roshni return.

Raunaq devises a plan

However, when Chandni says that they should find a weakness in Sanjyot, Raunaq smiles and whispers something to Chandni that this is his only weakness of Sanjyot.

Chandni tells Raunaq that she didn't get anything while Raunaq confidently replies that he knows what he is doing and she will also get it soon.

Just then, Chandni's dupatta falls accidentally and Chandni and Raunaq bump into each other while trying to pick it up.

Raunaq puts the dupatta back on Chandni's shoulder by saying that she has beautiful eyes, but Chandni playfully checks his temperature as she can't believe that Raunaq is admiring her eyes.

Chandni and Raunaq burst into laughter as Chandni says that maybe Raunaq is still drunk.

Sanjyot plans to harm Roshni

On the other hand, Sanjyot gets annoyed by thinking about Sumer's honeymoon plan and says that she will never let it happen.

Just then, Sanjyot gets a call and she asks if the papers and the ticket are ready while thinking that now it's time for a surprise.

Sanjyot confidently says that no matter how hard anyone tries, she still holds the ace of the space and smirks.

Later, in the hall, Chandni and Raunaq arrange an alcohol party while Sanjyot walks in who asks about the arrangements.

Raunaq asks Sanjyot to join them, as he planned all this for Chandni in Sumer's absence.

Sanjyot accepts the invitation while saying that this is the first time they are jamming together.

Sanjyot gets trapped

Soon after that, Raunaq serves the snacks with liquor but Sanjyot gets suspicious of them and demands that she will eat only from Chandni's plate.

However, Chandni smiles at Sanjyot and offers the snacks from her plate while Sanjyot keeps thinking about them consciously.

After a while, Sanjyot gets drunk and loses her control so Raunaq mutters that he has known that Sanjyot will get drunk in a peg and stares at the camera, recording the scene.

As Chandni knows that Sanjyot is drunk, she starts provoking Sanjyot to reveal her plan for Roshni.

Chandni acts like a drunk and says that she is fed up with Roshni and wants Roshni to never return to Babbar Mansion.

However, Sanjyot gets excited and announces that she is going to finish Roshni's chapter as soon as possible and falls on the edge of the couch.

Chandni gets alert and asks Sanjyot about her plan and Sanjyot tries to whisper in Chandni's ears but Raunaq acts like he is upset for not involving him.

Raunaq evokes Sanjyot by saying that she is so cute and Chandni agrees with him.

However, Chandni doubts that Sanjyot may hire a contract killer but Raunaq replies that Sanjyot is too nice and cute to do that.

Raunaq keeps inspiring Sanjyot to spit out her plan against Roshni and finally, Sanjyot announces that she will say it out loud.

Sanjyot spills the beans

Sanjyot reveals that she has already cleared her path by getting rid of people like Kaveri, Sumer's ex-fiance.

As Sanjyot says that Kaveri was smart and went to the USA to get saved from her but Chitra wasn't smart enough so she had to kill her.

Chandni gets scared and starts asking Sanjyot to reveal her plan to harm Roshni but she gets over-exhausted and lies on the couch.

Raunaq tries to calm down Chandni by promising her that he will not let anything happen to Roshni.

Later, in the room, Raunaq gets emotional while playing the recording, and announces that he will send Sanjyot to jail.

Raunaq regrets his rude behavior with Sumer, so Chandni suggests that Raunaq apologizes to Sumer and he will surely forgive him.

However, Raunaq agrees with Chandni by saying that he is just waiting for Sumer's return, so he can reveal Sanjyot's true face to Sumer.

After a while, Raunaq gets surprised when Chandni asks Raunaq about the circumstances of Avantika's death.

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