Chashni 20th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 20th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 20th March 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 20th March 2023 episode starts with Nirbhay romantically proposing to Roshni by giving her a rose.

As Roshni approaches, he whistles and motions for her to come this way, pointing to the wall where 'Marry Me' is written in rose petals.

Meanwhile, Chandni follows Roshni and sees her with Nirbhay when they arrive at the same location.

She shouts Roshni's name, and Roshni, seeing Chandni, becomes terrified and drops the rose.

When Chandni asks what she is doing here, Nirbhay tells her that he is going to a wedding and that when he saw Roshni, he inquired about Sanjay.

Chandni hugs Roshni and assures her that she has nothing to worry about because she knows Roshni will never lie or do anything wrong.

Meanwhile, Bindu and Vandana are worried because they can't locate Sanjay anywhere in the house.

Nirbhay hands Roshni a handkerchief, when the ring falls from his pocket.  

When Roshni sees the ring, she gets excited and tells him that she will definitely wear it the day she tells Chandni about Nirbhay.

Meanwhile, Chandni arrives at the station to find Sanjay sprinkling water on everyone through the fire department's pipe and yelling loudly that the children are in danger.

Chandni comes to a halt and assures her father that everything is fine and that no one is in danger, but Sanjay pushes her.

She then calmly informs Sanjay that his family has returned safely from Vaishnu Devi and that he should accompany her to see them.

Sanjay cracks a smile as he hears this, and Chandi drives him home.

Meanwhile, a group of men arrives and points a gun at Nirbhay, threatening to kill him if he does not repay the money.

The man demands Roshni to explain Nirbhay, or else they will both go to hell soon.

Simultaneously, Vandana chastises Chandni for not listening when she told her not to bring Sanjay into their lives.

Chandni promises Vandana that the incident of today will not happen again, but she asks Vandana to promise not to tell Roshni anything about it.

Meanwhile, Roshni is in Nirbhay's place, pleading with him to repay the loan quickly or else the gangsters will kill him, and she sobs as she hugs him.

In the station, the supervisor is scolding Manav and everyone, and as Chandni walks in, she is told to clean up the mess her father made.

Roshni is at home making Chandni's favorite dish when she decides to finally tell her about her relationship with Nirbhay.

Later, Chandni arrives home, and Roshni invites her to eat the Kachoris, which she declines.

Roshni realizes it is not the best time to discuss with Chandni about her relationship.

Chandni is sitting in the evening, thinking about the situation that occurred earlier in the station, when she suddenly discovers a kite and Raunak appears.

Raunak begins demonstrating his kite flying skills to Chandni, who mocks him.

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