Chashni 21st April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 21st April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 21st April 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 21st April 2023 episode starts with Sanjay approaching Chandni as she implores Bindu and Vandana to validate that what she is doing is correct.

Sanjay hugs Chandni and says that the two sisters' relationship will never be broken and that he will be ready to help if there is a problem.

Manav then contacts Chandni, who thanks him for letting him leave on such short notice, while Manav, angry, asks Chandni if marrying Raunak is the correct move.

She invites Manav to the engagement party, which he declines and avoids, mumbling that he will not allow the wedding to take place.

Meanwhile, Raunak notices the wedding announcement news headlines and becomes enraged, preparing to destroy his phone, when Nisha arrives up to him and solicits a nice selfie.

However, Roshni enters and presents Raunak with a stunning tangy color kurta for the engagement party, Raunak mutters that he has this diabolical plot in which he will ensure that Sumer cancels the celebration himself.

Later, as the pre-party begins, Sumer begins the ceremony with a group dance to the song 'Chalak Chalak'.

Sumer due to large alcohol passes out and blacks out, while Roshni carefully leads him to his bed and puts him to sleep.

Sumer, who is holding her hand, thinks she has given him the most valuable gift he could have imagined.

Later, Sarjot continues to try on diamond neckpieces, as Manmeet expresses concern over the two sisters living under the same roof.

Sarjot, on the other hand, begins to chuckle and states that the business that the world knows today was built by her and her father.

She says that just because she was a girl, he thought Sarjot wasn't capable of handling the business, so he opted to pass over the business to Sumer.

She goes on to say that her father allowed her to marry and that she later came home and now runs the house as well as the business, which she claims works so effectively because she does not make rash decisions.

Sarjot claims that she wants Chandni to marry into the Babbar family before she begins her game.

Later, Sarjot orders Ishika to fetch the arti thali, and Chandni and her entire family arrive at the Babbar home.

Sumer expresses his delight that the family will soon be complete with the addition of Chandni, and Sarjot requests that Roshni continue the arti and welcome Chandni.

As Roshni welcomes Chandni into the house, Sumer encourages everyone to make themselves at ease, while Bindu and Vandana present him with a post-wedding gift from him and Roshni.

However, as Raunak approaches Chandni, he gives him chilly stares, and later, when he goes on to seek Bindu and Vandana's blessings, they ignore him to his face.

Later, when everyone gathers around the drawing area, Sarjot boasts that she had the lehenga specifically created by India's top fashion designer and handpicked the jewels herself.

She also begins to criticize the two sisters, alleging that their luck is so amazing that they were able to get inside the home of one of India's biggest idols, Sumer Babbar, without making any effort.

Vandana, on the other hand, does not sit quietly and is happy that Roshni is a government officer and Chandni is Amritsar's first women warrior.

Later, Chandni declines Sarjot's offer to give her the "shagun".

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