Chashni 21st March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 21st March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 21st March 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 21st March 2023 episode starts with Chandni and Raunak flying a kite together, looking deeply into each other's eyes.

Meanwhile, Roshni calls Nirbhay to inquire about his whereabouts and to articulate her concern.

Nirbhay admits over the phone that he was drunk the night before and was unable to pick up her calls, to which Roshni berates him and tells him to go home first.

Simultaneously, Chandni runs up to Roshni and hugs her, informing her that she aced her mock exams and broke all of the coaching center's previous records.

Chandni then considers throwing a dinner party and informs Vandana that she will invite Manav as well.

Vandana suggests inviting Raunak, and when Raunak arrives, he hugs Vandana and thanks her for thinking of him, while Chandni makes a lampooning face.

While Vandana informs him to come at 7 p.m., Chandni and Runak begin taunting each other like children.

Raunak specifically requests that Vandana prepare 'Chole Bhature,' as he has been craving it for several days.

Meanwhile, Nirbhay is frustrated as he considers how to pay back the men who threatened him and Roshni.

One of the waiters suggests that he sell the club in order to get money and repay the debt, which makes him nervous and prompts him to consider new options.

Meanwhile, Chandni is standing in the street waiting for an auto to take her to the station, when Raj arrives and asks Chandni to sit in his car as he will drive her there.

Chandni finds the ideal opportunity and invites her friends to accompany her, knowing that Raj will drop everyone off at their destination considering them as his sisters.

Meanwhile, Roshni arrives at Nirbhay's club and, seeing his frustration, hugs him and assures him that everything will be fine.

However, she invites Nirbhay to the dinner party today because it will brighten his mood and will help him as she tells him about Raunak and how he is looking for a location for his car showroom..

She goes on to say that if Raunak likes the place, he can rent it and his problem will be solved, which Nirbhay thinks is a brilliant idea.

Natasha enters Chandni's house as the dinner party begins, which baffles Manav.

Natasha informs him that due to Manav's delay in Riya's custody at the court, she is forced to attend this low-class tacky party, to which Manav asks her to shut the hell up.

Natasha then approaches Chandni and calls her a sobo because Manav missed his custody as a result of her, to which Chandni warns her to keep her cheap statements to herself, and Manav also asks Natasha to leave so as not to ruin the environment.

Later, Raunak enters the house with a garland and presents it to Roshni, congratulating her on her accomplishment.

Meanwhile, Roshni calls Nirbhay and inquires as to why he is late, to which Nirbhay responds that he is outside her house.

Nirbhay walks in wearing a yellow tux and holding a bouquet, and Chandni asks him who he is.

He then reveals himself as Nirbhay and hands the bouquet to Roshni and congratulates her, while Roshni calls him a dumb boy.

While everyone is eating and trying new dishes, Roshni inquires about the car showroom location to Raunak and suggests that he look at Nirbhay's club, which he is selling.

Meanwhile, the men inform Sameer that Nirbhay does not appear to be returning the money anytime soon, so Sameer instructs his men to bind Nirbhay in such a way that he gives up the club to them solely.

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