Chashni 21st May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 21st May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 21st May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 21st May 2023 episode starts withRaunaq gets emotional and starts crying while saying that he won't be able to live without Chandni in his life.

On the other hand, Chandni packs her bag and wipes her tears by saying that it's getting very hard for her to leave this house.

Raunaq apolgises to Sumer

Later, as Sumer returns home, Chandni touches his feet to get his blessings and asks him about Roshni.

Summer tells Chandni that Roshni went to meet Sanjay as she was missing him and just then, Sumer gets surprised as Raunaq calls him 'Dad'.

Since Raunaq touches Sumer's feet to take his blessings and hugs him so tightly, Sumer gets stunned by overwhelmedness.

Raunaq apologizes to Sumer for all his mistakes of past years and cryingly says that Sumer deserves a better son rather than a stubborn and rude son like him.

However, Sumer gets overjoyed by saying that his ears have been craving for years to hear the word 'Dad' from him and then looks at Chandni while asking what she has done to get his son back to him.

Chandni says that it happened due to god's grace and tells Sumer to take some rest.

Since Chandni says that they have something important to talk about, Sumer tells them to meet in his room after some time.

Sanjyot's plan

Meanwhile, in Sanjyot's room, Sanjyot gets excited by saying that the first step of the plan B is completed and starts laughing by saying she will snatch all her rights from Sumer, very soon.

Sanjyot congratulates herself while addressing her as MD of Babbar Industries and just then, Vandana knocks at her door.

Sanjyot gets surprised by seeing Vandana and Vandana tells Sanjyot that Sumer has returned home.

However, Sanjyot asks Vandana about her real reason to be in her room when Vandana tries to tell Sanjyot that Nisha looks stressed these days and she will feel better if Sanjyot will talk to her.

Since Sanjyot rudely tells Vandana to leave by saying that she doesn't needs advice from Vandana to look after her daughter, Vandana leaves while thinking that what else Nisha can do after having a mother like Sanjyot.

After a while, Sanjyot enters Nisha's room and goes crazy after seeing the darkness and the uneaten lunch plate in the room.

As Nisha keeps back answering Sanjyot rudely, Sanjyot declares that Nisha has spoiled her due to the environment in the house and now she is sending Nisha to the hostel.

While ignoring all Nisha's requests, Sanjyot leaves the room by warning Nisha to bag her bags and be ready to go.

Raunaq tells the truth to Sumer

Later, in Sumer's room, Raunaq and Chandni keep staring at each other as doesn't know how to confront Sumer.

Finally, Raunaq sits on the chair, near Sumer's chair, and tells him that maybe he won't believe the things he is going to tell but that is only the truth.

Summer gets worried when Chandni adds that whatever Raunaq is about to say may seem like a lie as the information is about someone very close to Sumer.

Raunaq then says that Chitra wasn't died because of a heart attack as she wasn't sick, however, someone killed her intentionally.

Sumer gets speechless and keeps looking at Raunaq with disbelief but Suddenly, Sumer stands up and shouts Raunaq's name when he says that the person is no one else but Sanjyot.

However, Raunaq says that he has evidence and opens his laptop to show a video recording of Sanjyot's confession to Sumer but Raunaq and Chandni get shocked as someone has already deleted the video.

Sumer slaps Raunaq

This makes Sumer lose his patience he starts scolding Raunaq for accusing Sanjyot but Raunaq gets angrier while saying that Sumer is trying to avoid the truth.

As soon as Raunaq says that Sanjyot must have deleted the video, Sumer slaps Raunaq by saying how dared he to drag Sanjyot into his lie game.

Since Raunaq stays firm and shouts that Sanjyot is the person who killed Chitra, Sumer raises his hand to slap Raunaq but, Chandni holds Sumer's hand.

Sumer starts blaming Chandni for being manipulative and says that he did a mistake y believing her rather than Roshni.

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