Chashni 22nd April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 22nd April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 22nd April 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 22nd April 2023 episode starts with Chandni declining Sarjot's shagun gift and says she wants to wear her mother's lehenga and keep the diamonds modest, which Raunak appreciates.

Sumer, upon hearing this, demands that Chandni obey the Babbar family's norms and wear her mother's attire on the wedding day instead of the lehenga provided by Sarjot.

Sumer then requests that everyone relax until the engagement celebration begins, while Raunak claims to be bringing a very special guest.

As the celebration begins, Roshni spots Bindu, Vandana, and Sanjay waiting in the corner and asks if she can bring them anything to eat, which Bindu declines.

They claim they are only in the house because of Chandni and prefer to look after only her side of the in-laws.

However, Chandni makes an excellent entrance at the celebration, and Raunak informs her she looks gorgeous today.

He then takes her hand and leads her to the staging area where they will exchange rings.

As Raunak and Chandni stand on the stage, Raunak receives a call and claims to be anxiously awaiting him, but Chandni hears this and realizes something is amiss.

Raunak, on the other hand, declares that he will ruin Chandni's evening and begins counting down from 5 and commands her to look out the door to see who has come to greet her.

Tarun walks in as she glances at the door, angry, and congratulates Chandni on her new beginning.

Tarun begins insulting Chandni by informing everyone present that Chandni has a habit of ruining people's lives, even if they are not linked to her.

Chandni wants Tarun to leave immediately, but Tarun alleges that Chandni only knows how to waste time with boys and that she despises men.

He adds that her ultimate life goal is to wreck men's lives, and indicates how Chandni was his junior at Amritsar and used to bother him all the time to learn work.

He says that after she figured out how to operate everything, she exploited Tarun's position.

Sarjot then approaches Sumer and expresses her displeasure with the fresh drama developing at the parties scheduled, as well as warning him.

However, Sumer, overflowing with rage, tells Tarun to leave immediately, while Tarun begins calling Chandni a liar and a scam, to which Sumer slaps him hard.

Meanwhile, Sarjot questions Chandni about if the claims against her are accurate while Chandni begins questioning Tarun about the facts when he was the one who harassed Chandni and made sexist remarks.

She also says that Tarun also likes assassinating women's self-image in public, which she is concerned about given that he has a daughter of his own.

Chandni states that his habits of treating women with disdain are over and she tells Sumer about Tarun being caught in a bribery scheme with someone in Amritsar.

Sumer then grabs Tarun's caller and pulls him away, ordering Raj to evict him from the residence.

However, Chandni apologizes for the mishap, and Sumer declares that he believes Chandni, and the party proceeds.

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