Chashni 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 22nd May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 22nd May 2023 episode starts with Sumer furiously blaming Chandni for manipulating Raunaq against Sanjyot.

Chandni gets shocked by Sumer's anger and helplessly tries to convince him that she is telling the truth.

As Sumer starts disrespecting Chandni while blaming her, Raunaq loses his patience and shouts by addressing Sumer as Mr. Babbar.

The atmosphere gets heated when Raunaq warns Sumer to be respectful toward his wife.

Further, Raunaq announces that he will prove to Sumer that Sanjyot has killed Chitra.

However, Raunaq and Chandni get shocked when Sumer says that he trusts Sanjyot more than anything and he knows the loyalty and honesty of his sister.

Raunaq says that Sumer is blinded by Sanjyot's fake love when Sumer yells at him by saying that he is ending his relationship with Chandni and Raunaq.

Later, Raunaq and Chandni are walking through the corridor when they cross the path with Sanjyot and she looks at them with a devilish smile.

Sanjyot looks down on them while explaining about her smartness and that she was just acting like a drunk and noticing everything happening there.

Further, Sanjyot says that Sumer trusts her more than a god and she is the main character in Sumer's life, Babbar Mansion, and Babbar Industries.

Sanjyot then calls Vimla and introduces Vimla as the most loyal person.

In a flashback, in the night, Vimla steals Raunaq's laptop and hands over it to Sanjyot when Sanjyot deletes the confession video.

However, Vimla bursts into tears while apologizing to Raunaq and Chandni, and leaves there by saying that she can't go against Sanjyot as she can't risk her family.

Soon after that, Raunaq furiously tells Sanjyot by saying that he is the son of Sumer, whose business empire Sanjyot is trying to hold.

Raunaq vows that he will become Sumer's shield and avenge Chitra's murder while announcing that he is going to finish Sanjyot.

Further Raunaq says that he will not let Sanjyot harm Roshni, even a bit and Chandni decides that they will unmask Sanjyot.

Since Sanjyot openly challenges Raunaq and Chandni into the field, Raunaq and Chandni hold each other's hands and accepts the challenge.

Later, in Chandni's room, Raunaq empties Chandni's suitcase on the bed and tells Chandni that now, she is not going anywhere.

Chandni tries to tell him something but he stops her by saying that she is not running without finishing her mission.

However, Chandni calls Raunaq her best friend, and playfully asks his help to arrange the clothes in the wardrobe.

Later, Raunaq enters Nisha's room with a gift and tries to wake up her while making fun of her.

However, Nisha gets upset by saying that Sanjyot has decided to send her to a hostel.

As Raunaq assures Nisha that he will convince Sanjyot to change her mind, and says that he has a gift for Nisha.

Raunaq tells Nisha that he has imported the best camera for Nisha but, Nisha keeps it aside while mentioning that no one can change Sanjyot's decision.

Soon after that, in the hall, Sanjyot, Sumer, and Vandana are discussing the hostel life when Chandni and Raunaq join them.

Sumer stares at Raunaq while attending the call and Sanjyot smirks when she notices that.

However, Sumer looks overwhelmed when he hangs up the call and on asking, he tells Sanjyot that his eyes are full of tears of happiness.

Sanjyot gets shocked when Sumer announces that he is going to become a father again and covers her face with fake happiness.

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