Chashni 23rd March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 23rd March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 23rd March 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 23rd March 2023 episode starts with Raunak driving Chandni to the special doctor so that Sanjay Chopra can consult with her.

While Raunak parks the car in front of a temple, Chandni becomes confused and asks Raunak where the clinic is.

Raunak points to the temple and tells her that this is the expert doctor he is referring to.

He asks Chandni to trust in the divine and head inside, which causes Chandni to bawl.

As she slowly enters the temple, she joins her hands and prays to God to grant her one wish, which brings only joy and happiness to her family, and to heal Sanjay completely.

Meanwhile, Nirbhay and his father enter the temple, with Nirbhay's father literally standing behind Chandni.

As Chandni prepares to leave, she notices Nirbhay's father as the man Sanjay had beaten earlier in the house.

Nirbhay's father recognizes Chandni as Sanjay Chopra's eldest daughter and walks away from the temple.

Chandni recognizes Nirbhay's father and dashes behind him.

Nirbhay is about to leave in the car with his father when Chandni stops them and snatches Nirbhay's father out of the car.

While holding his collar, Chandni confirms him as the same man who kept the bag of money in their house 15 years ago and blamed Sanjay for cold-blooded mass murder.

Raunak and Nirbhay attempt to soothe Chandni, but she confirms that seeing him triggered Sanjay's trauma, which is why he attacked him and informs him that he will be imprisoned for his deeds.

While Raunak is holding Chandni, Nirbhay drives away with his father, inquiring if he knows anything about this.

Nirbhay's father accuses Sanjay of being a corrupt and selfish man who has taken the lives of so many people and ruined society as a consequence of his conduct.

Meanwhile, Chandni goes through the names of the individuals who worked with Sanjay Chopra at the time and recognises the man as Vikas, informing everyone.

Chandni sobs a bit longer until Manav calms her down and tells her that Vikas will surely pay for his sins.

A group of men stops Nirbhay and calls him out as he drives alongside Vikas.

Raj and his gangsters threaten Nirbhay and ask him to give up the club to Sameer and his debt will be cleared, to which Nirbhay responds by laughing.

He pulls Raj's hand from his collar and tells him to stay away from his club; the money will be returned to him in a few days.

Raj is enraged when the man orders research into Nirbhay's past in order to find another way to take his club and land.

Fairly late, Nirbhay hands Vikas the medicine and tells him to rest, but Vikas halts him and tells him to focus on the club first and forget about Roshni.

He goes on to say that her family is not decent to him and it is his moral responsibility to correct Nirbhay.

Meanwhile, Chandni labels Nirbhay a traitor as well because she connects the events and wonders why Nirbhay would become so humble and assist Sanjay in escaping from the hospital.

Roshni stops Chandni from saying anything about Nirbhay and tells her not to make any claims until she knows the whole truth.

Roshni is confronted with the truth about her long relationship with Nirbhay when Chandni asks how she knows Vikas and Nirbhay are not the culprits.

She goes on to say that she has known Nhirbhay for years which is the reason she is so certain of his righteousness.

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