Chashni 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 23rd May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 23rd May 2023 episode starts with Sumer leaving for the office while saying that he has to complete all his work before Roshni comes back.

However, Sanjyot looks pale when Sumer says that he wants to spend more time with Roshni.

Chandni gets excited

Later, Raunaq curiously asks Chandni about her task as he sees her busy on the phone all the time.

Chandni gets excited and explains all the arrangements that she has done for the Roshni.

Further, Chandni worriedly says that she will take Vandana's help to give all the books and doctor's numbers to the Roshni.

Since Chandni gets scared by thinking of Sanjyot, Raunaq assures her that he will never let anything happen to Roshni and her baby.

After a while, Nisha comes into Chandni's room and looks low so Chandni worriedly asks Nisha if she is feeling alright.

Nisha tells Chandni that she is having a headache as she was studying all night and asks for the tablet to Chandni.

Chandni tells Nisha that she should take care of her health first while giving a first aid box to her and leaves there to look after lunch preparations.

Soon after that, Nisha takes the bunch of tablets from the box and leaves there in a hurry.

Raunaq challenges Sanjyot

Later, in the hall, Sanjyot gifts a bracelet to Vimla by saying that she is so happy today but Vimla refuses to take it.

Just then, Raunaq and Chandni come there and Raunaq tells Vimla to accept it while taunting that maybe Sanjyot won't be able to give it anymore.

Vimla gets fearful and leaves there when Sanjyotsays that she gets cheerful when the enemy is confident.

Sanjyot tells Raunaq that until now she is winning the chest against Sumer, on the board, and in the life while Raunaq challenges her that he will checkmate her in the game and will make sure that she will spend the rest of her life in jail.

However, Sanjyot taunts that her life has become so boring after Chitra's death but now, it's full of excitement and entertainment.

Just then, Vandana comes for breakfast and Sanjyot arrogantly praises her for the upbringing of Chandni and Roshni.

Since Vandana taunts Sanjyot that she wishes that she could also praise Sanjyot for the same, Sanjyot replies that she knows it very well.

Just then, Vandana worriedly goes to look after Nisha as she notices that Nisha has not come down for breakfast.

Nisha scares everyone

Soon after that, Vandana finds Nisha's diary outside the room and goes to return it.

However, Vandana gets worried when Nisha doesn't open the door even with loud knocking, just then, the diary slips from Vandana's hands and a page separates from the diary.

As it was written in English, Vandana rushes to Chandni and Raunaq.

Soon after that, everyone gets scared when Chandni reads the letter in which Nisha has written that she took all the tablets from Chandni's first box as she wants to leave the world due to her loneliness.

All four of them rush to Nisha's room and start banging on the door when Sanjyot blames Chandni for being so irresponsible with her first aid box.

However, Vandana gets angry with Sanjyot's talk and blames Sanjyot for Nisha's condition as she has warned Sanjyot so many times about Nisha's loneliness.

Just then, Raunaq stops them from arguing and breaks the door while rushing inside.

Everyone gets surprised as Nisha removes her earphones and asks innocently about what happened.

Raunaq shows her the letter as a reply but Nisha innocently says that she planned for that but she doesn't care to take that step.

Nisha asks Vandana to tell Sanjyot to leave her room when Sanjyot starts scolding Nisha for her weak mentality.

Sanjyot leaves the room furiously while thinking that the Chopra family has snatched Nisha from her.

On the other hand, Chandni asks Nisha to rest after taking tablets as Raunaq says that Nisha is having a fever.

However, Chandni, Raunaq, and Vandana get fearful when Nisha faints in Raunaq's arms suddenly.

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