Chashni 24th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 24th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 24th March 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 24th March 2023 episode starts with Manav explaining Chandni to understand Roshni's viewpoint and how people change when they fall in love.

He requests Chandni to not judge Nirbhay based on Vikas's evil deeds and instead give him the opportunity to understand him and Roshni.

Meanwhile, Raunak brings ice and claims to have bought it to cool Roshni off.

He tells Roshni to consider Chandni's perspective and how it was wrong to drop the bombshell about her relationship with Nirbhay on her so suddenly.

Roshni agrees with Raunak and asks him if he will assist her in dropping her off at Nirbhay's place, to which Raunak agrees but asks her to first sort things out with Chandni.

Meanwhile, Roshni walks into Chandni's room and asks her to understand her situation, but Chandni becomes agitated and tells Roshni to avoid the drama because all these years she has just lied and Chandni has been thinking her relationship with Roshni is pure and concise as a mirror.

Roshni convinces Chandni, but Chandni asks Roshni to leave Nirbhay, which Roshni refuses.

She begs Chandni to give Nirbhay a chance to understand him, but Chandni says she will not give the culprit's son an opportunity because no one gave Saroj a chance to hear her voice prior to being killed.

Roshni storms out of the room, claiming she will prove Nirbhay's innocence in front of her, leaving Chandni befuddled.

Meanwhile, Raunak drops Roshni outside Nirbhay's club and informs her that he will be there until she returns, but Roshni dwindles him to wait since Nirbhay will drop her home.

However, Raj and Jyogi are sitting in a car outside Nirbhay's club, plotting ways to steal his estate, when Raj notices Roshni.

Raj immediately instructs Jyogi to abduct Roshni in order to force Nirbhay to hand over his club to Sameer.

Jyoti grabs Roshni and drags him towards the car as she is about to call out Nirbhay.

Roshni has no idea who is trembling her so violently and trying to drag her.

She makes an effort to flee but fails, and while Jyoti throws Roshni into the car, Raj quickly drives away.

Meanwhile, Chandni, Bindu, and Vandana are seriously concerned because Roshni is late and still has not returned home.

Bindu requests that Chandni question Raunak about Roshni because she last saw Roshni chatting with Raunak.

Chandni then rides up to Nirbhay's club, where Raunak tells her to calm down and that she shouldn't have yelled at Roshni so much, to which Chandni yells at Raunak to shut up and not give her a lecture about how she needs to control her sister.

Chandni and Raunak enter, and Chandni, seeing Nirbhay, loses control and, while grabbing his collar, asks her where Roshni is.

Nirbhay informs Chandni that he did not see Roshni and Chandni warns him not to lie or she will kill him.

The three of them leave the club, when Chandni notices Roshni's phone on the ground.

Chandni recognizes Roshni is in danger, and Nirbhay points to the CCTV and requests that they investigate.

While they are checking, they notice Jyogi kidnapping Roshni. 

In the meantime, Jyogi calls Nirbhay and demands that he return his club to him before he will release Roshni.

Meanwhile, Raunak carefully examines the CCTV footage and notices Raj, which surprises them.

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