Chashni 24th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 24th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 24th May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 24th May 2023 episode starts with Raunaq patting Nisha's head when she is asleep while recalling that she has tried to take medicines from Chandni's first aid box.

Just then, Chandni enters the room and checks on Nisha's fever while saying that they should take Nisha to a psychiatrist.

However, Chandni gets surprised when Raunaq furiously tells her to get out of the room as he doesn't want any drama there.

As Chandni looks confusingly at Raunaq, he holds her hand and drags her out of the room.

Raunaq starts blaming Chandni angrily for trying to avenge Sanjyot via Nisha's life.

Chandni gets shocked and asks him if he thinks that she will ever try to hurt Nisha while explaining that Nisha has asked for a tablet for her headache and she was unaware of Nisha's plan.

However, Raunaq gets exasperated and leaves there while saying that Chandni is a cheap and selfish person who can do anything and mentions Avantika's case.

Later, in Chandni's room, Raunak drinks while holding Avantika's photo and apologizes to Avantika while saying that he was not there when she needed him the most.

Raunaq gets teary eyes while saying that if something could have happened to Nisha then he would have been guilty for the rest of his life.

Chandni enters the room when Raunaq was blaming himself for not being a responsible brother.

As Chandni walks to Raunaq and insists on him show Avantika's photo, Raunaq hides the photo while warning Chandni that he won't let her touch Avantika's photo with her bloody hands.

Since Chandni refuses to listen to him and tries to see the photo, the photo frame falls on the floor and gets broken.

Raunaq gets exasperated and tells Chandni that if she is feeling better now, and shouts at her by saying that as she is the lady so, he is being respectful otherwise only god knows what he would have done.

However, Chandni keeps looking at Avantika's photo while ignoring Raunaq's warning and Suddenly, she remembers Avantika.

Since Chandni tells Raunaq that she has met Avantika, Raunaq starts blaming her for lying to him and Chandni gets annoyed by Raunaq's taunts.

Chandni tells Raunaq that he is the same as Sumer, like Sumer is blindfolded with Sanjyot's love, Raunaq is also blindfolded with his misunderstandings.

As Chandni begs for a chance to prove her innocence and asks about Avantika, Raunaq blames Chandni has enmeshed Avantika to save herself, by intentionally dropping her ID card on the bus sit, and the goons killed Avantika instead of Chandni.

However, Chandni helplessly tells Raunak about what exactly happened in the past.

In flashback, Chandni and Avantika are sitting nearby and even introduced each other while sharing the snacks.

After some time, when the bus stopped suddenly, Chandni stepped down to get the water bottle and at the same time, Avantika notices Chandni's ID card, and keeps it to herself to return Chandni when she comes back.

Just then, the goons attack the bus and threaten the driver to start the bus while searching for Chandni.

As Raunaq calls Avantika, Avantika tells Raunaq that Chandni has intentionally enmeshed her when goons attack Avantika by misunderstanding her as Chandni.

At present, Raunaq reproach Chandni by saying that she has intentionally stepped down from the bus after seeing goons.

Since Chandni keeps saying that she doesn't even know about the goons and all when suddenly she remembers that a day before the incident happened, she helped to catch some goons stealing some gadgets.

Raunaq gets furious while saying that rather than avenging Chandni the goons have murdered his innocent sister.

Chandni gets helpless and begs for a chance from Raunaq to prove her innocence and Raunaq agrees to her.

Later, Chandni traces the bus conductor's number and calls him at the Babbar mansion to prove her innocence.

However, Raunaq gets enraged and says how he could believe a random person's fake testimonial to save Chandni.

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