Chashni 25th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 25th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 25th May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 25th May 2023 episode starts with Chandni angrily telling Raunaq that the conductor is the only eyewitness who can prove her innocence.

Chandni tells Raunaq that she wants to hear the truth from the bus conductor, as Raunaq's repetitive blaming has put her into self-guilt.

Soon after that, the bus conductor comes and explains everything to Raunaq and Chandni while calling that night the unforgettable night of his life.

As the conductor leaves, Raunaq gets stunned by saying that he has done the gross mistake of his life by avoiding Chandni's truth.

When Chandni tries to walk away, Raunaq gets emotional and stops her by spreading his arms to hug her.

Since Raunaq gets tearful eyes while thanking Chandni for making him know the truth about his mother's and sister's death, Chandni hugs him tightly.

Raunaq wipes Chandni's tears by telling her not to leave him.

Meanwhile, in the hall, Sanjyot mutters that it's the perfect time to take Sumer's sign on the property papers so she can complete her plan B, or else only god knows how many people she has to get rid of.

Just then, Sumer enters the house with Roshni, and Sanjyot hugs Roshni by saying that she is so happy for her.

At the same time, Chandni also sees Roshni while stepping downstairs and rushes to her, but Sumer takes Roshni to her room while avoiding Chandni.

Sanjyot taunts Raunaq and Chandni for losing their relationships while tangling with her.

Later, in Chandni's room, Raunaq keeps apologizing to Chandni when Chandni tells Raunaq that she feels relieved after proving her innocence.

As Chandni tells Raunaq that she doesn't think of their marriage as trouble because they were only lacking trust in their relationship, Raunaq tries to tease her by getting close to her.

However, Chandni gets awkward and rushes to change her clothes.

Raunaq decides to give all the happiness to Chandni by improving her relationship with Roshni and making it the same as before.

Later, Chandni and Raunaq enter Nisha's room with her favorite breakfast and try to make her comfortable while ensuring her that they will be always there, whenever she needs them.

Chandni asks Nisha the reason behind her gross step to end her life and gets shocked when Nisha cryingly confesses that she has fallen in love with Manav due to their common interest in photography.

Further, Nisha says that Manav refused her proposal so, she started feeling lonely and tried to spend time with Sanjyot.

As Sanjyot decided to send her to a hostel, she lost her strength to live anymore and decided to end her life.

Raunaq and Chandni get emotional and hug Nisha while Raunaq tells Nisha that he is proud of her for opening up to them.

Chandni assures Nisha that they will always be there as her family, whenever she needs them.

Just then, Sanjyot walks into the room with tickets and asks Nisha to pack her bag.

However, Nisha holds Raunaq's arm and firmly tells Sanjyot that she wants to live with her family.

Sanjyot gets enraged when Raunaq snatches the tickets from her hand and tears them apart.

Meanwhile, in Roshni's room, Roshni looks stressed and on asking, she tells Sumer that she wants to tell him about her past.

Sumer gets puzzled when Roshni shows him Nirbhay's photo while telling that she was in love with him.

She says Nirbhay has done so many things to keep her happy but, unfortunately, lost his life because of Chandni.

As Sumer remembers Nirbhay and calls him dishonest and unreliable, Roshni explains that he was a nice person but got overloaded by his loan.

When Roshni says that Nirbhay will always have a special place in her heart, Sumer holds her hand while saying that he can understand her feelings.

After that, Sumer promises Roshni that he will transfer Nirbhay's property to Roshni and restart Nirbhay's club so Roshni can complete Nirbhay's dream.

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