Chashni 26th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 26th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 26th March 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 26th March 2023 episode starts with Sumer coming out of the car as the goons call him.

They inform him that the work will be done as they need to take care of a small prick on their way to which Sumer says that he knows that the prick is Chandni Chopra.

A while back, the nurse asks them to sign a form as Chandni's condition is very bad.

Roshni threatens the nurse that Chandni's hand has to be cured as others try to calm her down.

The nurse says that as they are not signing the operation cannot happen.

The grandma says that she will sign because they are meaninglessly searching for the doctor who is not present there.

Roshni gets angry when Nirbhay says that he has informed Dr. Shetty of Delhi.

The nurse gets surprised by hearing that he got the appointment as the doctor informs that Dr. Shetty's service is expensive.

Raunaq agrees to pay as they all wait for the renowned doctor to come.

In the evening, Roshni consoles Chandni that the medicine is working but she knows that Roshni is lying.

As Roshni motivates that she is a firefighter and will win this fight too, suddenly Chandni gets difficulty in breathing and Roshni calls the doctor.

The doctor says that it is getting too late as Chandni's condition is getting worse.

Vandana asks the doctor to prepare for the operation and not wait for Dr. Shetty.

After a brief moment, Raunaq and Nirbhay bring Dr. Shetty as he goes into the operation theatre.

After the operation when Chandni gets back consciousness, Roshni goes to sign forms.

Nirbhay apologizes to Roshni but she says that because of Raunaq, Chandni is doing well.

Meanwhile, Raunaq informs Chandni that her condition is good and she will recover soon.

Chandni appreciates his help but Raunaq says that he has helped that hand which saves thousands of people every day.

At the same time, Roshni clarifies that she cannot accept Nirbhay's apology as she finishes signing the papers and then goes to Chandni's chamber to ask how she is feeling.

Suddenly the inspector arrives and he says that even after arresting Raj and Jogi, they instantly got bail.

Raunaq promises that he will not leave those who have caused harm to Chandni.

Meanwhile, Singhania tells the goons that he is not giving his property to Sumer as even if they threaten him, he too has high contacts and can fight against them.

Finally, Sumer arrives he says that he keeps track of the upcoming news.

He informs Singhania that the next day they will hear in the newspaper that Shine construction has gone bankrupt because Singhania has committed suicide.

He gets shocked when the goons approach to kill him but Singhania apologises to Sumer and gets ready to sign wherever he wants.

On the other hand, Roshni is shocked to see Nirbhay drunk with a gun in hand and stops him, saying she lied to Chandni because of him.

She asks that she is his next target but he says that he cannot harm Roshni because she is his life.

Roshni is scared for her family to get hurt and breaks up with Nirbhay who tries to stop her and asks for a second chance but she leaves him and runs away.

Meanwhile, Raj is happy to have removed all the evidence from Nirbhay's pub's CCTV.

Sumer calls and warns them and gets ready to arrive for Amritsar but Raj is scared because their boss Sumer is visiting them soon.

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