Chashni 26th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 26th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 26th May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 26th May 2023 episode starts with Chandni getting happy when Roshni enters into Chandni's room.

However, Roshni locks the door and starts blaming Chandni for using Raunaq to manipulate her.

Chandni gets shocked and raises her voice when Roshni tells her that she never thought that she has to save her baby from Chandni.

Since Chandni reveals to Roshni that she is not safe in the Babbar mansion, Roshni gets shocked when Chandni says that the person who wants to kill her baby is not her but Sanjyot.

Roshni blames Chandni for playing games with her when she tells Roshni that Sanjyot is Chitra's murderer.

Chandni gets helpless after seeing Roshni's utmost hatred for her.

However, Roshni mentions Sajyot as a blunt speaker but a pure-hearted person and leaves the room while warning Chandni to stay away from her.

Soon after that, Roshni walks into her room stressfully when Sanjyot enters with a glass of juice and guesses the correct reason for Roshni's stress.

Since Roshni tells Sanjyot that Chandni is poisoning her heart against Sanjyot, Sanjyot gaslights Roshni.

Sanjyot says that Chandni wants to prove her superiority over Roshni and gives her a glass of juice.

Roshni is about to drink the juice when she gets a phone call and the glass slips from her hands and gets broken.

Sanjyot doubts Roshni's behavior while thinking that she has to get rid of Roshni by tonight only.

After a while, Sanjyot gets puzzled by seeing Chandni in her room, holding the property papers.

Chandni scolds Sanjyot for betraying Sumer and transferring Sumer's business in her name and warns her to keep the papers at their place and leave the room.

Sanjyot gets irritated when Chandni tears those papers and throws them into the air while leaving the room.

Meanwhile, Roshni gets doubtful when she sees leftover papaya in the kitchen dustbin.

On the other hand, Chandni worriedly explains to Raunaq Sanjyot's doing when Roshni enters the room and tells Chandni about Sanjyot giving her papaya juice.

Chandni feels relieved when Roshni says that she didn't drink the juice and leaves the room by saying that she is not going to patch up with her.

Later, in the night, Sanjyot enters Roshni's room with the gun and locks the door.

Since Sanjyot points the gun toward the bed while muttering that this is time to say goodbye to Roshni, Roshni whispers in Sanjyot's ear not yet.

As Sanjyot gets puzzled, Roshni tells Sanjyot that Chandni has already told her about Sanjyot's intentions.

Sanjyot puts Roshni at gunpoint while saying that now she doesn't care about Roshni's opinion of her.

Just then, Chandni sneaks out from the chair and throws a flowerpot at Sanjyot's hand and the gun falls on the floor.

Sanjyot goes crazy by seeing them together when Roshni taunts Sanjyot that she is getting aged and she should use her glasses to improve her vision.

Just then, Raunaq also comes out while threatening Sanjyot that he has recorded her action drama and she is going to send it to Sumer.

However, Sanjyot picks up the knife from the fruit bowl and puts it on Roshni's throat while warning Raunaq that if she has to go to jail, then she will kill Roshni first.

Chandni gets scared and picks up the gun and points it at Sanjyot while telling her to release Roshni.

Meanwhile, Sanjyot tells her to put the gun down, or else she will cut Roshni's throat.

Since Sanjyot demands Raunaq to delete the video instantly in exchange for Roshni's release, Roshni requests Raunaq to send it to Sumer as she won't regret dying if they can expose Sanjyot.

However, Raunaq deletes the video as Chandni gets scared and keeps telling him to delete it.

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