Chashni 27th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 27th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 27th May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 27th May 2023 episode starts with Chandni fearfully returning the gun to Sanjyot and Sanjyot pushes Roshni toward Chandni.

However, Sanjyot gives a devilish smile while taunting Raunaq and Chandni as the people talk but no action.

Soon after that, everyone gets shocked as suddenly Sanjyot points the gun at Roshni while telling her that she is not a trustworthy person and now she will complete her unfinished task.

However, Raunaq covers Roshni by exposing himself to the gunpoint and stays firm even when Sanjyot warns him to move.

Sanjyot pulls the trigger when Chandni covers Raunaq's body and collapses on the floor cautiously.

As Roshni burst into tears while calling Chandni to open her eyes, Raunaq gets enraged and rushes to Sanjyot.

However, Sanjyot threatens Raunaq with the gun and says that now she has changed her plan and she wants Raunaq to bury Chandni in the ground without knowing anyone.

Sanjyot gives a devilish smile and offers Raunaq and Roshni that she will let them live peacefully if Raunaq transfers his 50% shares of Babbar Industries to her.

Since Roshni gets morose, Sanjyot taunts her for being an enemy of Chandni when she was alive.

Soon after that, Raunaq holds Chandni in his arms and walks out of the room while tears keep streaming down his eyes.

In their room, Raunaq sighs at ease and tells Chandni to get up while discussing the fake bullets and blood bags.

Chandni tells Raunaq to thank her for her idea or else, she would have been dead.

However, she then gets serious by saying that they should inform Roshni about their drama or else, she won't forgive her for doing that.

After that, Chandni takes the clay from the flowerpot and puts it on Raunaq's t-shirt to make it look real.

Raunaq tells Chandni that he is going to sign the property papers while mentioning that he has the plan to get Sanjyot's confession and leaves there.

Back in Roshni's room, Roshni is scolding Sanjyot by saying that god will never forgive her for her wrongdoings while Sanjyot asks Roshni to calm down or else it will affect her baby.

Just then, Raunaq enters the room and Sanjyot tells him to hurry and sign the paper.

Since Raunaq signs the paper, Sanjyot leaves there while excitedly declaring that tomorrow as soon as Sumer signs the Dubai deal, she will be the owner of Babbar Industries.

Raunaq then takes Roshni to Chandni's room and she is teary-eyed and Roshni gets shocked after seeing Chandni in the room.

Roshni hugs Chandni tightly while muttering that she got scared by thinking that Chandni is dead.

Raunaq tells Roshni that those bullets were fake, and asks Roshni to forget about the past and make her relationship with Chandni, the same as before.

Roshni holds Chandni's hand while apologizing to her as she has realized that Chandni risked her life to save hers

Just then, Chandni gets the anklet given by Sanjay and Roshni wears it happily while muttering their quote.

Soon after that, Chandni says that now they are more strong against Sanjyot as they are together and Raunaq and Roshni agree to her.

In the meantime, in Sanjyot's room, she decides to leave abroad before getting exposed to Sumer and just then, the lights get off due to the power cut.

After a while, Sanjyot screams with fear as she faces Chandni and gets scared.

Outside Sanjyot's room, Raunaq excitedly tells Roshni to have fun as they hear Sanjyot's screams.

Just then, Sanjyot comes out of her room and starts calling Roshni and Raunaq so Roshni walks to her.

Since Sanjyot confronts that she has seen Chandni in her room, Roshni scares her by saying that maybe Chandni's ghost has come to take her revenge.

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