Chashni 28th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 28th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 28th March 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 28th March 2023 episode starts with Raunak carefully making Chandni travel home from the police station.

Raunak hands her a flower and asks if they can be friends again as she sits in her bed, getting comfortable.

Chandni accepts it with a big grin and asks Raunak if she is making the right decision for Roshni, to which Raunak responds by asking her not to let a third man interfere in her beautiful relationship with Roshni.

While leaving, Chandni hands him the flower and asks if they can be friends, which Raunak accepts with a blushing face.

However, when Raunak gets home, he slams his jacket to the floor and begins acting like a werewolf, proclaiming his hatred for Chandni.

He then opens his cupboard and, upon seeing a veil, begins crying and remembering his little sister, expressing how much he misses her.

Raunak stands up and, glancing at himself, declares that he will destroy Chandni and her relationship with Roshni, just as she did with his younger sister.

Meanwhile, Manav gives Chandni medicine and informs her to rest while he tries to make her sleep comfortably.

Tarun appears and, upon seeing Manav assist Chandni, snorts and claims he didn't want to disturb their private moment, but he came with a bouquet because Bindu had asked him to go upstairs.

He keeps the bouquet in bed and claims not to be concerned because Manav is willing to take care of Chandni both at home and at work.

While Tarun is leaving, Chandni tells Tarun that if he only wants to visit Chandni with such comments in the future, he can just leave a message on her phone and not travel up to her.

Tarun walks away with an angry expression on his face, while Chandni tells Manav not to bother him because people like Tarun don't deserve anyone's time or attention.

Later, Chandni enters Roshni's room and asks if she's prepared for her exams, to which Roshni hugs her and assures her that everything will be fine.

Roshni is about to leave when she comes across a box and notices all of the items that Nirbhay gave her.

Roshni then claims that this stuff will be returned to him and tells Chandni not to worry because the Nirbhay chapter of her life is finally over.

Raunak arrives a few days later and sees Chandni getting ready to return to the fire station.

He gives Chandni a rose and compliments her beauty, which induces her to blush.

Raunak then declares that he will drop Chandni off at the office today, to which Chandni agrees with a big smile.

Raunak asks Chandni if she is emotionally okay with what is going on between her and Roshni as they drive.

He adds that whatever she is trying to do with Roshni should be rethought because it will have a significant impact on their relationship, which causes Chandni to think more deeply.

However, Raj and Jyogi attempt to persuade Vikas to hand over the club to them, Nirbhay intervenes with a stick and slams the contract papers, warning them not to enter his club again.

He begins beating them, and as they get close to Sameer's car, the bodyguards rebuke Nirbhay while Raj informs Sameer about the club boy.

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