Chashni 28th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 28th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 28th May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 28th May 2023 episode starts with Sanjyot getting scared to death when Chandni's ghost starts walking toward her and she starts stepping back.

However, Sajyot pauses when she bumps into the pole and starts stuttering that she never wanted to kill her.

Sanjyot gets blanched and says that she killed Chandni just because Chandni meddled to save Roshni.

Since Chandni asks Sanjyot why she wanted to kill Roshni, Sanjyot replies that she doesn't have any personal problem with Roshni either, but she doesn't like the people grabbing more importance in Sumer's life.

Moreover, Sanjyot says that she can't tolerate Sumer giving more importance to other people than to her, so she tried to kill Roshni same as Chitra.

As Sanjyot kneels to Chandni's ghost while accepting her wrongdoings, Chandni smirks and just then, Sumer comes out while telling Sanjyot to stop her drama.

Sanjyot gets shocked by seeing Sumer and walks to him saying that Chandni is trying to spoil their relationship, but Sumer shouts at her by saying that he has eye-witnessed Sanjyot's true face.

Since Sumer gets emotional while saying that he has trusted Sanjyot more than himself.

Further, Sanjyot gets enraged by saying that she did all this to get her share in the business.

Sanjyot yells out loud that she has worked hard to settle the business and she has even sacrificed her everything for it but Sumer has got all the limelight, praise, and fame.

When Sanjyot clears her point of not getting 50% of her family business even if she is capable of running it, she did everything which needs to be done.

However, Sumer breaks her bonds with Sanjyot while crying and keeps asking about pushing him away from his family, whom he loved so much.

Just then, Raunaq and Roshni enter the room, and Raunaq announces that Sanjyot will be punished for her doings while telling Sanjyot that her game is over.

Later, Sanjyot gets arrested, when she asks Sumer how he can let his sister get arrested, whom he has treated as his mother while Sumer replies that he still respects their relationship and didn't disclose it publically.

Soon after that, Chandni enters Nisha's room and tries to console Nisha while saying that she took a brave decision by taking Sumer's side and assuring her that she always has her family to support her, in her hard times.

However, Nisha tells Chandni that she explained everything to Arman and she thinks that she should spend some time with him as he must be disturbed and needs his family.

Chandni agrees with Nisha when she asks Chandni to get Sumer's permission to let her go to Arman's place.

Soon after that, in Chandni's room, Raunaq gets shocked when Chandni packs her luggage and tells him that she is making him free from the unwanted marriage.

Raunaq gets emotional and asks her if it this so easy for her to go but Chandni replies that these words can't stop her.

However, Chandni turns back when Raunaq confesses his feelings for her and hugs Raunaq tightly when both of them let their tears stream down.

After a while, everyone gathers to do prayer and Sumer announces that it's Nisha's birthday today so they are having a celebration in the evening.

Further, Sumer declares that they all are having so much fun tonight as Nisha is leaving for the US for her further studies.

Everyone burst into laughter when Raunaq announces that he will be making a birthday cake for Nisha.

Later, in the evening, Nisha gets overwhelmed by seeing the party arrangements and cuts the cake by saying that her family has blessed her the whole year with their love and support.

The atmosphere turns cheerful when Sumer starts singing and dancing with everyone while cheering them to enjoy the moment as much as they can.

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