Chashni 29th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 29th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 29th March 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 29th March 2023 episode starts with Sameer's bodyguards beating Nirbhay while Raj informs Sameer that he is the same club boy.

He approaches Nirbhay quickly and asks him to keep his mouth shut, while Nirbhay challenges Sameer that he will not be able to take the club away from him.

Sameer gives a cold stare, and as he walks away, Roshni arrives in an auto, noticing Nirbhay on the ground with cuts all over his body.

She brings him to his club, and while putting medicine in his mouth, she begins sobbing, and Nirbhay informs her that she must choose whether to leave or stay permanently.

Nirbhay claims Roshni is willing to give up so easily, but Roshni responds angrily, stating she tried to fight but cannot afford to after what happened to Chandni.

Roshni is about to leave when Nirbhay stops her and asks for a chance to arrange a meeting between them and Chandni because he doesn't want to lose Roshni.

Later, Roshni invites Nirbhay to her home and asks Chandni to give him one more chance to prove himself.

Chandni asks Nirbhay if he loves Roshni so much that he should just take her away from here, to which Nirbhay responds that Roshni will never be happy living with him this way.

Nirbhay claims he broke off relations with Vikas in order to show Roshni that he is not like him.

Meanwhile, Sanjay arrives and, upon seeing Roshni crying, requests that Chandni fulfill Roshni's request and not allow anything in the world to separate them.

When Roshni places her head in her lap and asks Chandni to stop crying and not be angry with her, Chandni starts to weep.

She then manages to stand, holding Roshni, and informs Nirbhay that she will give him another chance to prove himself.

However, Raunak, standing near the door and seeing Chandni's big smile, declares that he will not allow that evil woman to be happy while she sucked all the happiness from his life.

The next morning, Roshni gives Chandni a nameplate with Sanjay Chopra on it and asks her to put it on the side of the house, but Chandni, with her eyes welling with tears, says she will proudly hang over the nameplate the day Amritsar believes Sanjay is innocent.

Meanwhile, Bindu claims that the incident killed Saroj, and as Sanjay hears this, his trauma is triggered again, and he picks up a knife, claiming that he will kill whoever hurt his Saroj.

Everyone stops Sanjay and takes him to his room, while Chandni, seeing Sanjay's condition, begins battering the mattress.

When Manav arrives, he suggests they go to the fire station and look through the documents, and confirms that they will almost certainly find some evidence there.

Raunak claims that he has a better plan to find evidence and holds Chandni's hands while Manav becomes jealous.

Later, Roshni arrives at the club and informs him that Sanjay has the evidence to prove his innocence and that he will be brought to justice soon, which scares Vikas.

Roshni and Chandni are conversing late at night, while Vikas walks into the house and passes into Sanjay's room to destroy both Sanjay and the evidence.

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