Chashni 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 2nd April 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 2nd April 2023 episode starts with Chandni hearing Nirbhay muttering while sleeping that he destroyed and ended everything and that he is not a match for Roshni, making Chandni confused.

In flashback, the media arrives at the club and starts airing the news while Roshni looks worried for Nirbhay as he is completely broken down.

Suddenly Nirbhay disappears from there and when she notices this, she asks Raunaq to find him.

Meanwhile, Raj is waiting for his parcel at the hotel and sees the news about the fire incident so he calls Jogi and tells him to meet him.

While looking for Nirbhay, Roshni sees his jeep and starts crying and worrying as he may hurt himself but Raunaq comforts her and tells her to calm down and call him while Roshni hugs him as they start looking for him.

Meanwhile, Raj tells Jogi that this is all Nirbhay's doing as he saw him at the petrol station with a can of petrol and gets worried by thinking about Summer.

Summers's phone rings and Natasha tells him that the club he wanted to get to is burnt, leaving Summer shocked.

She says arrogantly that he thinks of himself as god and snatches other people's property so now he has to come to reality and leave his arrogance.

Natasha finally hangs up the call after suggesting that he has to watch the video she sent.

Summer gets angry while watching the video and throws his phone on the floor.

Meanwhile, Nirbhay gets drunk while crying and bumps into Raj and Jogi's jeep so Jogi runs to him angrily to hit him but Raunaq arrives and punches him.

Raj tells Jogi to leave there while Roshni and Raunaq get Nirbhay to Chopra's house while saying that they can't leave him alone because of Raj and Jogi.

At the club, Manav encourages his team for controlling the fire and tells them to clean the place while the inspector tells him that he can carry over the investigation but he needs the help of one of his team members.

Manav suggests Tarun's name and recommends Chandni- the first lady firefighter of Amritsar as Tarun's assistant so she smiles and proudly shakes hands with the inspector.

Meanwhile, at Chopra's house, Roshni and Raunaq help Nirbhay to take a rest and come to the living room where Roshni hugs Chandni while crying and asks about the club's condition.

Chandni comforts her while saying she is working on this case with Tarun and she will find out the complete truth.

Raunaq mutters in his mind devilishly that he will make Chandni and Roshni hate each other just like Chandni made him lose his sister.

Chandni asks Roshni to change her clothes while she will take care of Nirbhay and then she thanks Raunaq for being there with Roshni and tells him that she is becoming more dependent on him.

Raunaq first stares at her but then pats his shoulder and tells her that she can lean on him.

Chandni comes to Nirbhay's room and hears him muttering but it is not clear so she gets worried for him and tells him that she will find out the truth and help him to get compensation.

Later, Raunaq makes tea for Chandni and she thanks him and then talks about Nirbhay and the club's case.

Nirbhay comes close to her and gets stunned but then he asks for the key and leaves.

Meanwhile, Summer recalls Natasha's conversation while playing chess but then his sisters enter and ask about his tension so he replies to her that someone challenged him and he doesn't want to lose.

On the other, Raunaq devilishly smiles and says that during the investigation Chandni will find some proof against Nirbhay and that will become the cause for separation between her and Roshni.

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