Chashni 30th April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 30th April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 30th April 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 30th April 2023 episode starts with Raunaq locking Raj into the room.

Further, Raunaq hits Raj and makes him unconscious to restrict him from reaching Chandni.

Just then, Raunaq hears that the wedding ceremony is completed and laughs devilishly.

Soon after that, he walks downstairs with attitude while leaving everyone shocked.

Sumer angrily asks him if he was upstairs then who got married to Chandni and Raunaq rudely replies that Sumer should ask this to Chandni.

Meanwhile, Gautam tells guests to join the dining hall as they have to discuss some family matter privately.

Further, Raunaq tells everyone that Chandni made him unconscious and locked him in the room, as she wants to get married to her lover.

However, Sumer shouts at Raunaq while telling him to stop his nonsense, but Raunaq walks toward the groom while saying that he can prove his words.

After which, Raunaq lifts the forehead crown from the groom's head and tells everyone that the groom is Manav and he is Chandni's loverboy.

Moreover, Raunaq asks Chandni to speak loudly and give answers while taunting her, but the bride stays silent.

Raunaq keeps insulting Chandni by saying that she played with the reputation of the Babbar family to take revenge and she made fun of the Babbar family in the media.

He walks toward the bride and rudely lifts her ghoonghat (veil) but everyone gets shocked after seeing Natasha as a bride.

Just then, Chandni walks in while smirking and asks Manav to play the recording in which Raunaq offers him to get married to Chandni.

However, Sumer gets enraged and tells them to explain whatever is going on.

Chandni talks rudely with Raunaq and tells him not to get tensed or else his knee will pain, as his brain resides there.

She starts explaining in detail that she already got doubts when she saw Natasha leaving the Babbar house.

In flashback, Manav worriedly tells her about Roshni and Raunaq's plan and gives an idea that he can get remarried to Natasha by which he can save Diya's life.

Later, Chandni and Manav threaten Natasha with the video recording of Natasha setting fire to Nirbhay's club and offers her a deal.

They ask her to get remarried to Manav without leaving any other option for her.

At present, the police team comes to the Babbar house and arrests Natasha based on a video recording given by Chandni.

Rather, Natasha blames Manav and Chandni for betraying her, but Manav tells her that she has to pay for wrongdoings.

After that, Chandni puts her hand together and apologizes to Sumer for making drama to reveal the truth.

Chandni demands justice while saying that she will agree with whatever Sumer decides for her.

Sumer gets so angry with Raunaq's wrongdoings and slaps him hard while leaving everyone shocked.

Sumer asks Chandni if still wants to marry Raunaq to which she replies yes.

Further, he challenges Raunaq to keep his promise while provoking him by saying that his mother would have been dishonored after seeing all his doings.

After a while, Roshni enters Raunaq's room and tells him that they can convince Sumer to stop the marriage.

However, Raunaq furiously tells Roshni that now, he will get married to Chandni to destroy her stubbornness with his obsession.

Meanwhile, Bindu and Vandana try to stop Chandni from getting married to Raunaq while reminding her about difficulties knocking in her life.

Just then, Raunaq walks in and tells rudely that thinking time is over.

He stares at Chandni while inviting her downstairs to perform marriage rituals.

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