Chashni 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 3rd April 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 3rd April 2023 episode starts with Nirbhay thinking about how he squeezed gasoline over his club and burned it, while Roshni arrives and hugs him.

Nirbhay is about to leave when Roshni consoles him and tells him that he is not alone in this and that Chandni will give her the insurance payoff as soon as she investigates the cause of the fire.

At the fire station, Chandni takes Nirbhay to Tarun's cabin and he gives all the necessary club documents, as well as informs Tarun that he believes the cause of the fire was a power socket malfunction.

As Nirbhay and Chandni exit the cabin, Chandni claims that Nirbhay will soon receive his insurance payout once the on-site investigation finishes, and Roshni hugs her and thanks her for her efforts.

Chandni thanks Raunak for staying by Roshni and Nirbhay's side as they leave.

Meanwhile, at home, Bindu and Vandana discuss how private insurers do not pay out money without a thorough investigation, which scares Nirbhay.

Roshni claims that they can conduct whatever investigation they want because Nirbhay is innocent.

Nirbhay notices his lighter is missing as Bindu and Vandana leave for cooking and scrambles to the room to find it.

He goes through all of his clothes and becomes terrified when he cannot locate his lighter, and thinks how he asserted that the fire was triggered by a short circuit.

However, as the investigation at the club wraps up, the results reveal that the fire was caused by a short circuit, and Tarun informs Chandni that their work is officially done.

As Tarun and Chandni prepare to leave, Chandni discovers something and decides to show it to Manav right away.

However, Nirbhay arrives and begins looking for his lighter; when he finds it, Tarun confronts him and takes the lighter from him.

Tarun orders Nirbhay to give him 35% of the settlement money so he won't go to jail, but Nirbhay nags and reduces it to 30%.

Tarun then orders Nirbhay to transfer him 25 lakhs in advance, leaving Nirbhay befuddled as to what he should do next.

Later, at the fire station, Chandni examines the ring she discovered at the inspection spot, while Tarun immediately summons her into his cabin.

Chandni then informs Tarun that she has completed all of the reports and shows him the ring that she has obtained, which terrifies him.

Tarun then promises to submit the report and the ring and warns Chandni not to keep any evidence with her.

Later at the house, Raunak brings Vandana and Bindu's required items and asks Chandni how far the investigation has progressed, to which she responds that she has found a ring but is certain it is not Nirbhay's.

However, Raunak considers getting close to Chandni in order to learn everything about the investigation, and Chandni informs him that she suspects Tarun and will keep a close eye on him as well as the case.

Meanwhile, Tarun calls Nirbhay and instructs him on what he should do next.

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