Chashni 3rd May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 3rd May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 3rd May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 3rd May 2023 episode starts with Roshni telling Shashtiji repetitively asking for sweets made for ritual.

Just then, Chandni arrives with the plate of 'chashni ke batashe' and apologizes to everyone for keeping them waiting.

Further, she asks forgiveness while saying that she made another alternative sweet dish as they are out of suji.

However, Roshni gets mad at her by saying that she would have arranged suji but Shashtriji tells her to calm down while accepting Chandni's dish.

After performing the ritual, Shashtriji praises Chandni's dish a lot while saying that he has never eaten as tasty 'batashe' as this.

Roshni gets irritated but stays still while Chandni serves them to Sumer.

After eating a bite, Sumer praises Chandni as smart and intelligent and gives her money as a 'nek' which makes Roshni mad as a hornet.

Shashtriji tells Sumer that Chandni brought good luck to their house and also tells Raunaq that he is lucky for getting her as a wife.

However, Raunaq gives a sour look to Chandni.

After that, Chandni offers the dish to Roshni but she leaves there while making an excuse of not feeling okay.

Later, in the night, Chandni worriedly mutters that she has to find Roshni's enemy in the house.

Just then, Raunaq enters the room and starts talking rudely with her.

He says that she has entered the house while being jealous of Roshni's expensive lifestyle and calls her a gold digger.

Further, he warns her that he will never let her take a position in his house but Chandni pulls the earphones out and apologizes to tease him while saying that she didn't hear anything.

Chandni turns off the lights and goes to sleep by saying that everyone should go to bed with good thoughts and words.

However, Raunaq gets irate and decides to teach her a lesson so he sets the temperature of AC at the lower side.

Both of them stats arguing as Raunaq tells her to switch on the lights as he has to do office work while Chandni tells her she is tired and wants to take a rest.

Meanwhile, Roshni gets frustrated when she recalls that Sumer and Shashtriji praised Chandni so much.

Just then, Sumer walks in and asks her if she is not able to sleep, and she nods at him.

Sumer says that he has a solution and starts playing old songs.

Roshni surprises Sumer by saying that these are her favorite songs and Sumer increases the volume of songs.

In the meantime, Chandni puts the light on and asks Raunaq to turn AC off but Raunaq starts teasing her without giving remote.

Gautam and Meher eavesdrop, at Chandni's room and get excited by misunderstanding the situation inside the room.

On the other hand, Roshni and Sumer start looking at each other but then get awkward and go to sleep while enjoying the songs.

Meher and Gautam are passing by and hear the songs, Gautam says that Sarjot's time is over now as Chandni and Roshni have taken hold of the house.

At the time, Sarjot also hears the song and mutters that she has to control the situation before getting too late.

Meanwhile, at midnight, Raunaq sets the temperature of the AC and puts a blanket on Chandni while leaving the room.

After that, Chandni wakes up amazed at his actions but then goes to sleep again while ignoring him.

Just then, Chandni gets scared as someone knocks at the door loudly and walks to open the door.

She sees no one around after opening the door but notices a letter on the table and starts reading it.

The words written in the letter, warn Chandni while suggesting that the enemy won't be silent for long and will attack with full power and questions her if she is capable of saving Roshni.

Chandni decides to find Roshni's enemy after reading the warning letter.

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