Chashni 4th April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 4th April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 4th April 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 4th April 2023 episode starts with Manav inquiring of Tarun and Chandni about the report on the fire at Nirbhay's club.

Tarun responds that it is indeed a short circuit malfunction and that, while they discovered evidence, namely a ring, he informs that the ring belongs to Nirbhay's father.

Jyogi and his fellow gangsters, on the other hand, forcefully enter the house and begin searching for Nirbhay.

When they locate him, they grab his collar and throw him in front of Sameer, who informs him that if Nirbhay had handed over the club papers earlier, he would not have beaten the shit out of him today.

Meanwhile, Chandni appears and warns Sameer not to show off his power in front of her and her family, but Sameer asks Chandni not to get into his and Nirbhay's matter.

He adds that it is obvious that Nirbhay himself set fire to the club, but Chandni remains steadfast in her decision to trust Nirbhay.

Sameer then furiously gets into his car and calls his lawyer, claiming that he needs the club right away.

However, Chandni carefully transports Nirbhay home, and when Roshni arrives, she is terrified to see Nirbhay's head soaked in blood.

Nirbhay stops Chandni and tells her to think calmly before filing a police complaint.

Tarun hands Chandni the final report of Vere the club at the fire station, and as she reads it, Raunak appears and hands Chandni the tiffin.

Raunak tries to steal the file as Chandni leaves, but Chandni reappears and takes the file with her, leaving Raunak enraged.

Later, Tarun calls Nirbhay and asks him to keep the 25 lakhs advance because everything is going according to plan, and threatens him that if he doesn't, he will throw him behind bars.

As Tarun hangs up, Nirbhay smacks his phone on the floor, and Roshni, seeing this, asks Nirbhay what is wrong.

Nirbhay finally admits that he burned his club for insurance payout because Sameer and his gangsters were behind it and that all he can do is repay his debt by burning his club.

Roshni then comforts Nirbhay, claiming that she knows the club was Nirbhay's ultimate dream, and that while it is burning, she can feel what Nirbhay might have felt.

She adds that she will never change her feelings for Nirbhay, and Nirbhay requests that Roshni make a promise not to tell Chandni about this.

However, at the fire station, Chandni enters Manav's cabin and claims that she suspects something is wrong, to which Manav asks her to follow the protocols and to contact Tarun if she has any doubts.

When Tarun arrives, Chandni asks if they found a lighter at the investigation site, to which Tarun flatly lies and says no.

Tarun is suspected of hiding something, so Chandni decides to keep a close eye on him.

Later, at home, Roshni invites Chandni to play carrom with her to clear her mind and help her figure out the matter.

However, while driving, Raunak calls Natasha and tells her to keep her men ready because if Chandni finds out about Nirbhay, he will help Nirbhay and Roshni escape and split the two sisters forever.

Raj then arrives at Chandi's residence to inform her how he saw Nirbhay earlier that night buying gasoline from a gas station.

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