Chashni 5th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 5th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 5th May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 5th May 2023 episode starts with Sarjot praising her son Arman on a phone call while saying that he is the one who has to handle the Babbar's business.

After hanging up the call, Nisha comes into the room and tells Sarjot that she has given the idea of Chitra's birthday celebration to Chandni and now she will tell that to everyone.

However, Sarjot warns her to concentrate on studying rather than looking at household matters but Nisha leaves there while saying that she will become a photographer not a businesswoman.

Meanwhile, Roshni follows Raunaq and tries to calm down him while reminding him that he can't leave Babbar's mansion.

Roshni provokes Chandni by saying that Chandni alone can't be heavy on both of them Raunaq leaves there angrily by saying that he will not let her live in peace now.

On the other hand, Chandni sincerely apologizes to Raunak mentioning Chira's name but this provokes Raunaq he breaks a vase on the floor.

Chandni gets scared as Ronak looks angrily at her and says that she worsted everything.

Raunaq blames her for using Chitra's name for proving herself an ideal daughter-in-law and also mentions that Chandni is responsible for her sister's death.

Chandni tries to explain to him but he refuses to listen while pushing Chandni against the wall that she is not worthy of forgiveness but deserves a heavy punishment.

In the meantime, Roshni tells the staff to clean the decoration while Sarjot comes there and insults Roshni by saying that Chandni playing Smart to destroy Roshni's importance and position in the house.

Roshni leaves there without saying anything and Sarjot mutters that she has to divide and rule policy to win over the Chopra sisters.

Later, in Bindu's room, Chandni tells Bindu that she feels sad about Raunaq's loneliness and his pain.

Bindu tells her that being a kindhearted person Chandni can't even see her opponent's suffering and mentions Raunaq as her husband which reminds Chandni that her marriage is a forced one.

However, Chandni leaves worriedly by remembering the warning letter while muttering that she has to protect Roshni.

Later, in Sumer's room, Roshni tries to collect the broken pieces of the vase and tells Sumer about the Japanese art 'kinsuke' in which they make a firm article from broken pieces.

However, Sumer gets emotional and asks Roshni if she thinks that Sumer has hurt Chitra.

Roshni tells him that even if their relationship is made out of compromisation still she believes that Sumer can't do anything wrong and holds his hand.

After a while, at the dinner table, Roshni orders chilled water with ice cubes while staring at Chandni.

Sarjot warns Roshni to not drink it as it will hurt her throat but Roshni drinks it by saying that some people in the house raised the temperature of her head.

Meanwhile, Raunaq orders his dinner in the room as doesn't want to eat it at the dinner table.

Just then, Roshni chocks on the ice cube, and Sumer and Chandni stand up and help Roshni to throw the cube out.

Finally, Roshni coughs it out and Sumer takes her to rest with the help of Sarjot.

During cleaning, Chandni notices pieces of glass in the ice cube and gets worried for Roshni.

On the other hand, Roshni gets worried by noticing blood in the mouth but avoids it by thinking that it was cut due to ice.

Elsewhere, Chandni meets Raj and tells him about the incident that happened while asking him if he find any clue about the person sending the letters.

Raj tells her that he can't find anything and just then Chandni finds a clue about the sender writing name the name 'Chandni'.

However, Raj tells her that this task will be difficult.

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