Chashni 6th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 6th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 6th May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 6th May 2023 episode starts with Nisha explaining to Raunaq that she has given the idea of Chitra's birthday celebration to Chandni.

Further, Nisha tells Raunaq that Chandni is a nice person and she did it for their happiness while Raunaq starts thinking about it.

Gautam insults Bindu and Vandana

Elsewhere, Meher enters the kitchen while complementing Bindu and Vandna for their cooking.

Bindu tells her that she is making chole bhature for Chandni's tiffin and offers to Meher and Gautam also.

However, Gautam insults them by referring to it as unhealthy food and restricts Meher from eating it.

Gautam takes Meher out of the kitchen to eat oats and mistakenly spills juice on her dress which makes her upset.

Just then, Gautam tells Sarjot about Bindu and Vandana occupying the kitchen and tells her to throw them out of the house.

Sarjot replies insultingly that Bindu and Vandana are guests and will leave soon but she can't do anything as Gautam glued to them for the past 10 years.

Raunaq annoys Chandni

Meanwhile, on call, Chandni tells Manav that she has received her transfer letter and she is joining today.

After that, Chandni stands to get her uniform from the bag kept on the cupboard.

Chandni is about to fall on the floor but Raunaq catches her in his arms and both keep looking into each other's eyes.

In a while, Chandni asks Raunaq to put her down, and he comes to his senses.

Chandni gets mad at him while asking how he dare to touch her and says that he has to first decide about his personality whether he is a hero or villain.

Further, she tells her he should be clear about whether he hates her or loves her but Raunaq interrupts her by putting his hand on her mouth.

Raunaq tells her that she deserves hate only while Chandni stares at him and says that she doesn't expect anything else from him.

However, Raunaq leaves there while irritating Chandni by putting the bag again on the cupboard.

Meanwhile, Sarjot sees Bindu and Vandana passing by her and she pretends to talk on the phone.

Sarjot asks in a taunting way how can someone live in their daughter's house after her marriage.

However, Vandana tells Bindu not to mind the things as they are living here for the sake of their daughters.

Chandni gets Sumer's permission

On the other hand, Chandni goes to take Sumer's permission for joining the duty but Sumer tells her seriously that he can't permit her.

Roshni smirks while looking at Chandni's upset face but Sumer completes his sentence as he can't permit her till Chandni promise him that she will become India's best firefighter.

He also tells her to be careful as she is now Babbar's daughter-in-law and Chandni nods to him.

Later, the family gathers in leaving room and walks downstairs in the uniform.

Chandni's plan to find Roshni's enemy

Sarjot irritatingly asks her the reason for their gathering as Chandni asks everyone to give her blessings.

Further, she says that earlier Bindu used to cheer her by giving her a note of blessings and now, she wants the same from the Babbar Family.

Chandni tells Raj to give the paper to everyone to write a blessing note while asking them to write it in Hindi.

However, Raunaq leaves there by saying that Chandni doesn't need his blessings.

Just then, Manav enters the house and says that he has come to pick up Chandni as today is her first day while Chandni tells him that she is waiting to collect the blessing notes.

Sumer tells Chandni to leave and tells Raj to give notes to Chandni at her office.

Later, Roshni tells Raunaq to be ready with his plan to surprise Chandni in the night.

Meanwhile, at the Delhi fire station, Manav welcomes Chandni and tells her to be familiar with the office.

Chandni sees the box of blessing notes and rushes to find a similar writing style but is shocked as all the papers are blank.

At the bottom, she finds a note mentioning that the sender has changed the box without getting noticed by Raj and warns Chandni to leave the thought of catching the sender.

Chandni then decides to play a smart move to catch the note sender.

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