Chashni 8th April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 8th April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 8th April 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 8th April 2023 episode starts with the police inspector informing Chandni about Jogi's murder and feeling that Roshni and Nirbhay are prime suspects.

Chandni gets shocked and tries to tell the officer that her sister would never do such a thing as it was Jogi only who was after Nirbhay.

The police nod at Chandni's statements and say, that is why, they both seem like prime suspects.

Meanwhile, Roshni is unconscious in Summer's car and starts murmuring for water.

Hearing her, Summer tells his driver that they shouldn't have kept her in the car but the driver lets him know they would have gotten into a problem since it is Amritsar and police patrolling keeps happening.

Raunaq drops Chandni at her house where Dadi and Nani are standing outside.

Just then, a young girl has come to sell her homemade pickles, and seeing her, Chandni thinks it is Roshni and hugs her.

However, realization dawns late on Chandni as she realizes it is not Roshni but someone else.

The girl says that Chandni's sister must be very lucky to have a sister like her while tears form in Chandni's eyes and she asks Bindu (Dadi) to buy all the pickles the girl is selling.

Meanwhile, Summer tells his driver that he will go out to get a water bottle for this girl.

Just then, Roshni's eyes pop and she exclaims with surprise as to how she came here.

She leaves the car and arrives at a dhaba where she sits down to have something.

Seeing her gulp so much water, the owner of the dhaba asks her if she wants to have something and she nods her head excitedly. 

However, as Roshni is eating, she notices a few police officers and starts eating food fast.

Just then, the owner of the dhaba arrives and asks Roshni if she has left her home and she says yes.

He tries to make her understand that she should go back but she tells him she won't go and gives him Nirbhay's card to make the payment.

She also takes his phone to call Urmi. 

Meanwhile, Raunaq and Chandni find Nirbhay's bag and get a notification from his phone about his card getting used as a dhaba.

In the hope to catch them both, Chandni and Raunaq arrive there only to get informed that Roshni arrived here alone.

The dhaba owner tells Chandni that Roshni looked very distressed and talked about not returning home and also says that she made a call to someone from his phone.

When Chandni sees the number, she immediately goes to Urmi, asking about Roshni.

Urmi at first hesitates but tells Chandni that Roshni needed some clothes and then from that dhaba, she hailed a private taxi.

Meanwhile, a man sitting with Roshni at the back tries to get closer to her in the taxi as she becomes visibly uncomfortable.

However, Nirbhay's dying moments play in her mind.

At Chopra House, Vandana utters her displeasure aloud about the firefighter job and says what is the use of the job that severs the relations.

Bindu takes Chandni's side, saying she didn't do anything wrong when Chandni walks in and tries to placate an angry Vandana.

Later at night, Chandni cries in her room, thinking about Roshni and her happy face.

To make her broken heart, Chandni tries to write Chandni and Roshni on a piece of paper that will equal to Chashni.

However, the water gets spilled on the ink and Chandni isn't written fully.

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