Chashni 8th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 8th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 8th May 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 8th May 2023 episode starts with Nisha giving the file to Manav and getting excited after seeing a camera on the table.

Manav tells her that he is going to a photography seminar the next day and Nisha starts telling him excitedly that she is also a lover of photography.

Nisha excitingly tells Manav that she is thinking of pursuing a career in photography so Manav invites her to attend the seminar as well.

In the meantime, Roshni gets surprised after seeing a gift and starts reading a letter in it.

In the letter, Sumer apologizes to Roshni for raising his voice at her and hopes that Roshni will like his gift.

Roshni pauses while reading and says that she is so happy with the gift.

However, Roshni gets enraged after reading that Chandni suggested the gift and walks toward Chandni's room.

Chandni happily asks Roshni whether she liked the gift or not as she gave the idea to Sumer for gifting the books to Roshni.

Further, Chandni excitedly tells Roshni that now, she can resume her studies.

However, Roshni throws the gift on the floor and tells Chandni to stop acting like she cares for her.

Roshni says that she wishes that she can throw Chandni out of the house just like she did to those books and leaves from there angrily.

After a while, Roshni calls Sumer and tells him that she hates Chandni and everything related to Chandni but Sumer ignores her talk and asks her if she liked the gift.

However, Roshni tells Sumer that she threw the books and Sumer angrily tells Roshni to apologize to Chandni or else it will not be good for their relationship.

Later, Roshni rudely apologizes to Chandni while warning her that she did it because Sumer told her to.

Further, Roshni tells Chandni that she is her mother-in-law and that Chandni should stay within her limits as Sumer is not there to take her side.

As Roshni leaves, Chandni helplessly mutters that she can't believe that her younger sister is behaving like an enemy to her.

On the other hand, Roshni furiously mutters that now, she will put Chandni in her real place.

Meanwhile, Sarjot gets jealous by thinking that people are calling to congratulate Sumer but she is the real rightful person for the growth of Babbar industries.

Just then, Meher asks Sarjot about the gifts kept on the table and Sarjot tells her that today is the foundation day of Babbar Industries.

Just then, Raunaq arrives there with Chandni and Meher tells Raunaq to congratulate Sumer but Raunaq rudely replies that Sumer has only collected the money and not the love from his family members.

Later, in the kitchen, Chandni heats the oil to massage Vandana's legs but Vimla adds garlic into the oil mentioning that now, it will be more effective.

Vimla gives money to Chandni as shagun and says that she is an old house staff and was on leave for three months.

Just then, Sarjot walks into the kitchen and taunts Vimla if she ran out of money given by Sumer.

Sarjot notices money in Chandni's hand and returns them to Vimla while saying that Chandni doesn't need shagun from Vimla.

Further, Sarjot tells Vimla to get silverware for dinner as they are celebrating the 25th Foundation day of Babbar Industries.

Later, Chandni sees Raunaq giving acupuncture therapy to Vandana and starts arguing with him that oil massage is better than what he is doing.

After some time, Vandana tells them to stop arguing as she will get a headache rather than get rid of the leg pain.

However, Vandana tells Chandni to give an oil massage to her other leg so she can decide which therapy is better between hers and Raunaq's.

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