Chashni 9th April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 9th April 2023 Written Update

Chashni 9th April 2023 Written Update:

Today's Chashni 9th April 2023 episode starts with Chandni buying vegetables, while some ladies taunt her about the police coming to her house.

They continue saying that nowadays, girls don't think about their future as Roshni ran away with dishonest murderer Nirbhay.

The vegetable seller tells them the same happened with the girl living on the other lane and she came back while pregnant.

He compares her with Roshni which breaks Chandni's patience and scolds them.

Meanwhile, Bindu hears that conversation, and when Chandni notices them, Vandana leaves while being upset with her.

Chandni tells Bindu and Vandana to ignore the nonsense talk of people while saying that once Roshni comes back she will make her understand everything.

Vandana gets angry and tells her that it took 15 years to clear their previous blame and she says this blame will take more than that.

Vandana states that she will leave there which makes Chandni worried and she promises Vandana that she will get Roshni back so people stop talking nonsense.

At the fire station, Manav and Chandni enter their senior's cabin and he praises her for cleverly handling the club case while telling her that Tarun is suspended, Natasha is already under arrest and Nirbhay's name is clear.

He tells her that she is promoted to Tarun's position which makes Chandni recall Roshni.

At Chopra's house, Chandni worriedly calls Urmi and asks her if she gets to know something about Roshni or Nirbhay, she should inform Chandni.

Raunaq mutters that he wanted to see Chandni in the pain of losing her sister while she shows him that she is making a missing news article for Roshni and Nirbhay when they hear the siren of the police vehicle.

Police arrive at Chopra's house and Chandni worriedly asks them about Roshni and Nirbhay.

However, the inspector replies that Roshni is still missing and Delhi survey police found the dead body of Nirbhay, leaving everyone shocked.

Police tells that Nirbhay was shot by Jogi while Jogi is killed by Roshni but Chandni asks who told them about all this and starts crying for Roshni.

Raj walks through to the police and tells her that he tried to stop Jogi but he didn't listen while the police ask Chandni to go with them to claim Nirbhay's body for the funeral.

Vandana loses her control and blames Raj for Nirbhay's death while Chandni tries to stop her but Vandana tells her that she is equal to blame.

Bindu takes Vandana inside while Chandni bursts into tears and requests Raj to tell her about Roshni but he leaves there while saying that he doesn't have any idea about her.

Chandni turns back while calling Raunaq but he disappears from there, making her confused.

In meantime, Raunaq enters his room panting and starts crying while saying that this wasn't his plan as he only wanted to punish Chandni for her doing.

He bursts into tears while praying for Roshni's safety.

On the other hand, Roshni is sitting in the police station while the officer scolds her for taking the lift from those loafers and not thinking about her safety.

Roshni sits still like a statue and a lost mind but then the officer asks her if she is new in Delhi and then notices blood on her arm while asking her if she murdered someone.

Roshni lies to an officer about her name and other details while saying she had a minor accident.

While leaving there, she hears that Nirbhay's body is being translocated to Amritsar.

Meanwhile, Raunaq donates money to the health care institute which is having his sister's name.

He gets angry while recalling that Chandni destroyed his life by taking his sister away from him.

On the other hand, Roshni runs to see Nirbhay's body and cries badly while hearing that Chandni claimed the body.

She gets angry and says that she won't let it happen as Chandni is not worthy.

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