Chashni 9th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 9th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 9th March 2023 Written Update: Episode 1

Today's Chashni 9th March 2023 episode starts with Chandni praying to God and remembering her mother as it is her birthday today.

Chandni + Roshni = Chashni

Chandini goes to the kitchen with a smile playing on her lips as she prepares a chocolate cake for her mother's birthday.

After it is done, she brings it out to the drawing room and holds it as an offering while she stares at her mother's portrait.

A few tears drop drip down Chandini's eyes as she misses her mother and remembers the night when everything went down the hill the same day as her mother's birthday.

Chandni quickly covers her ears as if she can still hear those same noises when she was little as a crowd gathered around her house and started beating her mother and her father.

Back to the present, Chandni then goes to her room and also remembers her father, pulling his policeman costume out.

She speaks of Roshni to him, telling him that his little Roshni is not so little anymore and Chandni goes to wake up Roshni who is preparing for a government exam.

Roshni playfully wakes up and complains to Chandni that she was busy studying till 3 AM.

Chandni scolds her for staying up late and studying and then all of a sudden, both the sisters remember their parents.

As they wear the same anklets, the smile on Roshni's face fades away as this was the last gift both the sisters received from their father who told them to always stay together as one and sweet as Chashni (Chandni + Roshni).

Chandni faces humiliation 

Both of them come out of their reverie as Chandni says she will be going to do service in the Gurudwara just like their mother used to.

While Chandni is leaving, she meets her Nani who has just come from a morning jog.

She then goes to her daughter's portrait and painfully utters that she misses Saroj (Chandni's mother) as the biggest pain in the world is to lose one's kids and says she will never miss Saroj's husband.

A flashback is shown where Chandni's father is called by his fellow policeman to whom he says he didn't sign any papers while a small Chandni asks her father where he is going without giving her a hug.

The flashback ends and Chandni goes to the Gurudwara to pray.

Just then, a boy named Raj and his mother glares at Chandni and says why she is walking so proudly being a criminal's daughter who killed Raj's father.

Both of them badmouth her while Chandni also receives ugly stares from people when she offers to do Seva.

However, one kind lady calls Chandni beside her to do the Seva but most of them ignore her.

While she is offering the prasadam (sweets), Raj comes there and tells Chandni that her crime is being the daughter of fire brigadier Sanjay Chopda's daughter.

Raunak bumps into Chandni

Chandni's eyes fill with tears after Raj and his mother humiliate her.

Just then, Roshni comes and takes the prasad from Chandni's hand and cheers her mood up.

She reminds Chandni that they just have to wait until the results for the government exam and fire brigadier positions are out, after which, all these gossip mongers would shut their mouths.

On their way, Chandni stops to buy Chole-Bhature for their Nani while Roshni waits for her at the scooty.

Chandni bumps into a guy who is just coming out of using the ladies' washroom.

Scrunching her nose up, Chandni calls her "Chepad" (ugly) while he calls himself expensive and sets his hair stylishly.

He tells her that if he didn't use it, he would have peed in the public and gone to his car while whistling.

His shoulders also bump into Roshni who makes a face at him as he leaves.

Roshni hates Sanjay, Chandni loves him

Both the sisters leave for their house but find it empty as their Nani is nowhere to be found.

Roshni gets ready to attend her coaching class while Chandni remembers that Roshni's fee day is today only.

She tells Roshni not to worry as they will manage but Roshni faces humiliation in her class when she doesn't get the mock test books and the head of the institution also reminds her to pay the full fees and then give the mock test.

Roshni's eyes fill with angry tears as she mutters to hate her father while in the same instance, Chandni hugs her father's photo, saying no matter what anyone says, he will always remain her hero.

Meanwhile, Chandni is in the market trying to see how to save money for Roshni when she sees a commotion happening.

A man steps out of his car but his bag gets stolen and he runs towards the man.

Chandni sees the man running toward her and gets shocked but he is only running after the thief.

Soon enough, they both see one of the shops getting burnt and both of them go and save the stuck people.

However, in their attempt to save and douse the fire, Chandni and the handsome man named Raunak get entangled with each other, staring intently.

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