Choti Sardarni Written Update 2nd July 2019: Mr. Sarabjeet Gill's entry

Choti Sardarni Written Update 2nd July 2019: Mr. Sarabjeet Gill's entry

Choti Sardarni 2nd July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Choti Sardarni 2 Jul episode starts with Meher’s mother getting upset with her statement. Her brother says the time has changed. Kulwant Singh further gets angry over Meher choosing her life partner.

She orders not to take food to her. She also orders Rana and Bittu to keep an eye on Meher.

 Meher tells everything to Manav over the phone and tells her to come to meet Jagga. Manav promises her that he will talk to her brother after he becomes something.

At the same time, Rana and Bittu snatch Meher’s phone, and they call the last number. They call the last number and find out it’s of a restaurant.

They both get slammed by Kulwant for telling Meher that she has told them to keep an eye.

Later, Meher is talking to Manav’s photo. She wonders what the news he was talking about is.

In the morning, she gets delighted to see his photo in the newspaper. She has to leave the newspaper when somebody calls her.

Her brother takes the newspaper, and she has to make tea first to get to the newspaper.

Kulwant is talking to someone over the phone. Meher apologizes to her mother and tells her she was kidding.

She further gets stuck in the kitchen for various tasks and is not able to read the newspaper.

She sees the newspaper scattered on the floor and airplane made of newspaper in Yuvi’s hand with Manav’s news. ( She climbs up the tree to get the airplane and learns Manav is given the doctorate.

Kulwant comes to meet Mr. Gill. Everybody gather to welcome him. Kulwant gets shocked to see so much security and wishes the same for herself.

Meanwhile, Meher comes with a band to Manav’s restaurant. They all dance and enjoy Manav’s success.

Kulwant is about to get introduced to Mr. Gill when they receive news about somebody getting an electric shock. Mr. Gill runs to save his life. Kulwant runs to get water to impress Gill but fails.

She gets stuck with drinking toilet water.

Manav is happy to get nameplate from Mr. Sharma and Meher. He feels lucky to have them in his life.

Kulwant is impressed with Mr. Gill’s thoughts, and down to earth nature.

Meher and Manav go to Gurudwara and Meher wishes to come back with her husband for blessings. As a coincidence, Mr. Gill comes at the same time to take blessings in Gurudwara.

The written update of 2 July 2019 Choti Sardarni episode full story ends.

Upcoming Choti Sardaarni episode update: Mr. Gill wishes to meet Manav while Kulwant wants Sarabjeet Gill to see Meher’s photo.

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