Colors TV's Bepannaah Written Update 6th July 2018: Aditya cries over his past

Colors TV's Bepannaah Written Update 6th July 2018: Aditya cries over his past

Colors TV's Bepannaah Written Update 6th July 2018:

The episode starts with Aditya sitting in a room. He is in deep pain as Sakshi has put up some serious allegations on him. Suddenly, a book falls to the floor and Pooja’s picture slips out. He goes in a flashback, where he has planned a year ahead and done all the bookings for the holidays. Pooja comes in and tells him that she is pregnant with his baby. Aditya gets sad and asks Pooja is she kidding with him? Because how is that even possible? Moreover, he has to cancel all the reservation he had made for the upcoming holidays. Pooja replies yes she was kidding. The flashback ends and Aditya cries over his mistake. He recalls the time when Pooja use to write in the diary and was way too possessive about it. Aditya flies to that time where he used to say that one day he’ll read that diary and will find out what she actually thinks about him.

On the other hand, Zoya is worried about Aditya as he is not answering her calls. She is thinking whether she has done the right thing or not. Noor brings coffee for Zoya and tells her that she did the right thing as he would have come to know about Pooja at some point in time.

Aditya is in his room reading Pooja’s diary. She wrote about the incident when she was pregnant but Aditya was not ready to have a baby and she has to abort. She was lonely and vulnerable. The relation she is carrying is suffocating her. Aditya doesn’t understand her feelings, he lives in his own world and everybody is just a part of it. Whereas, Yash is very supportive and loving. He understands her better than anybody had ever understood her. After reading all this Aditya is devastated.

The next morning, Arjun calls Zoya to inform her that she needs to come to Magistrate’s office. Aditya is also coming.

In the court, Arjun pleads Magistrate to allow Mr. Hooda to review the file once again. Aditya signs the documents and turns to Zoya.

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