Dhadkan Zindagi Ki (DZK) 7th January 2022 Written Update: Deepika holds back.

Dhadkan Zindagi Ki (DZK) 7th January 2022 Written Update: Deepika holds back.

Dhadkan Zindagi Ki 7th January 2022 Written Update: DZK written update

Today's Dhadkan Zindagi Ki 7th January 2022 episode starts with Deepika dropping Vikrant at the rehab center.

Vikrant finds out that the rehab center belongs to one of his batchmates whom he reported for cheating in college days.

Meanwhile, Abhay is supervising a heart patient before the operation. On request, Abhay lets the patient's son meet his father.

Seeing the son's love for his father, Abhay is transported back to his childhood memories.

Abhay remembers how Dr. Vinayak, his father, used to berate him during his childhood, for not being an extraordinary child.

In the operation theatre, Vinayak, unaware of Abhay being his son, criticizes Abhay for his upbringing.

On the other hand, Siya reconciles with Peroz. Although, she gets into an argument with Dr. Ansari who has been giving her a hard time as the team leader.

On the other side, Deepika goes to check up on one of her patients. Both her patient and his girlfriend happened to be medical students.

Deepika is impressed by their relationship as she finds both of them cute.

Later on, the patient catches on to Deepika's inner turmoil and advises Deepika to talk to Vikrant instead of holding back her feelings.

Acknowledging his advice, Deepika goes to Vikrant's cabin.

Before Deepika can have run at the rehab center, the landline in Vikrant's cabin rings.

Deepika gets startled when she comes to know the person on the other end is Aditi, Vikrant's wife.

Deepika lies to Aditi about Vikrant's whereabouts and hangs up not revealing her identity. Her fingers which had been hovering over the dial button stops and she leaves without talking to Vikrant.

On the other hand, at the rehab center, Vikrant craves drugs immensely. 

He cries for Deepika in need of help.

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